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"Let's get Hadir, before he starts a third world war in Barkov's basement."
— Price

"Going Dark" is the thirteen and penultimate campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare



Hadir escaped from the Wolf's den and plans to eliminate Barkov once and for all. They swarm the Barkov residence, taking some of Barkov's men hostage. Price and Garrick was inserted in position, eliminating Al-Qatala men along the way and shooting lights and turning the power fuses off to distract the enemies. They questioned the hostages in three locations and find the area where the last hostage says, revealing that Hadir was there, stealing intel. They capture him, but Barkov's men arrive, shooting at them. They dodge enemy patrols and helicopters until they arrive at a tunnel.

Afterwards, Hadir was taken by Laswell, to be given to Russia. But, Price kept the intel.



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