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Going Up... is an achievement/trophy featured in Call of Duty: WWII. It requires the player to unlock the Ubersprengen in The Darkest Shore.


To unlock the Ubersprengen, the player must first turn on both power switches in the map, with one being located in the U-Boat Pens and the other being located in the Artillery Bunker. The player must now head over to Bunker 3, where a broken lift with a control panel is located. Here, the panel will already have one of four Elektroschnalle installed. The player must interact with this panel before the player can search for the other three Elektroschnalle.

The player must now ride the minecart between each of the three stops (U-Boat Pens to the Beach, the Beach to Bunker 1, and Bunker 1 to the U-Boat Pens). Along each of the three paths are three different Elektroschnalle, all of which are located in the main junction that connects the three places. When the player passes by an Elektroschnalle, it will give a brief prompt to pick it up. Upon picking it up, the player's character will say an audio quote. Once the player has obtained all three Elektroschnalle from the mine, the player can install them in the panel by Bunker 3, which will raise the lift and reveal the Ubersprengen, which can then be used by the player. Upon doing this for the first time, the player will be rewarded the Going Up... achievement/trophy.

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