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The Golden Spork Knife is a Wonder Weapon Melee weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in Blood of the Dead.
It is an upgrade of the Golden Spork within the same map, requiring the Golden Spork to be obtained to start the steps to upgrade it.

1. Get 100 melee kills next to the blood bath in the new industries building, it is higly recomended to pick Ethereal Razor as one of your 4 perks, after that hold the interact button on the blood bath and a skeletal hand will rise from the blood bath, then give the golden spork to the hand.

2. Go and find 3 stones around the map, one can be found in the net in the docks, another can be found outside of a window in d block and the last one can be found on top of the small roof on the wardens house, you will need the Hell's Redeemer then throw the Hell's Redeemer at the three stones. 

3. Place the three stones at the three traps, the blue stone at the fan trap, the green stone at the acid trap and the red stone at the spinning blades trap, then get 100 kills at each of the traps, after 100 kills at each trap the stones will turn to gems. 

4. Take the fast travel from the cafeteria to the transverse tunnel then turn quickly around and throw the hells redeemer at the fast travel grate to dislodge a golden nugget, pick up the nugget and bring it to the new industries building to press them at the furnace to make the golden scalpel.

5. Melee kill Brutus at the roundabout on the catwalk to get the sign change so that the sign doesnt have Salvatore "Sal" DeLuca's number, finally return to the blood bath in the new industries building, hold interact and the skeletal hand will rise up again with the golden spork knife.