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For the armor, see XS1 Goliath.

"That's Goliath class armor!"
Kahn in the trailer

The Goliath Exo Zombie is a special type of an enemy in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in Exo Zombies that appears in the maps Infection and Carrier. It also appears in Call of Duty: Mobile in the Undead Siege mode, where it is known as the Heavy Gunner.


The Goliath is a new special type of a zombie that was once a soldier wearing a Goliath-class suit of armor, but got infected during the zombie outbreak around a Burger Town food joint. It appears to be heavily mutated and bloated into a large set of muscle, with open and bloody gashes running along the sides of its waist, thighs and both wrists; combined with the ripped undersuit, these are likely the points of infection. A standard Goliath carries a huge riot shield and a makeshift hammer made out of a drain cover with a concrete arm attached into it as its weapon.

The Goliath appears every nine rounds (starting at round 10), and will spawn with other types of Zombies. Once killed, it will drop a Full Reload.

In the map Carrier, a variation of the Goliath Exo Zombies appear. This one appears to have once been an Atlas soldier, as evident by the company insignia on his chestplate, and is equipped with a heavy suit, designed in the style of divers, as well as a heavy shield and dual-bladed halberd. In addition to all the abilities of the original Goliath in Infection, these new Goliaths can also teleport a short distance. Goliaths in Carrier do not follow a fixed spawn pattern, instead one will appear starting the next wave if three Gas Bombs are successfully detonated; this means that a careful player team might never see one appear if they can manage to defuse any bomb laid.


The Goliath is extremely dangerous when faced alone or with another companion, since only two hits (three with Exo Health) will be enough to kill a player. Fighting the zombie with multiple teammates is the best option to quickly take it down. Like EMZs, it can activate an EMP when approached, which will shut the player's exo down. In addition, it can fire heat-seeking missiles that will cause an EMP when detonated. It will also knock over other zombies and potentially kill them if they are in the way.

On top of that, it has a surprising movement speed which can startle unsuspecting players when they do face it, along with the zombies that do spawn with it can make it a very difficult round if the incorrect weapons are used. Also, if the player uses the distraction drones, the Goliath will be drawn to it, but, it will destroy it when it gets closer.

Call of Duty: Mobile[]

The Goliath Exo Zombie returns in Call of Duty: Mobile in the Undead Siege game mode, being called "Heavy Gunner" and equipped with a Ripped MG Turret.