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"Typical capitalist mindset. You always take that which is not yours."
— Gorev to Requiem

Gorev is a high-ranking member of Omega Group featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies. He is Lev Kravchenko's right-hand man, and the Tactical Operations Lead of Omega Group.


At some point in time, Gorev would become Colonel Lev Kravchenko's number two. On April 3rd, 1983, Gorev is recruited to Omega Group by Kravchenko to act as the organization's Tactical Operations Lead and ensure the performance of Omega Group's forces was up to his superior's standards.

In June 1984, Gorev personally visits Outpost 25, Omega Group's foreign research station in Vietnam, where he informs Doctor William Peck of rogue BND agent Samantha Maxis and her role in supplying Requiem with intel regarding Projekt Endstation. He goes on to reveal that she has influenced someone within Omega's ranks at Outpost 25, who he believes is planning on handing Requiem some of their expansive Dark Aether research, and orders Peck to capture Maxis and root out the traitor.

On June 15th, Gorev would learn that Outpost 25 has fallen to the undead, and that Peck was desperately requesting an exfil from the overrun facility. Gorev would take the opportunity to radio Peck, reflecting on his simplistic orders to interrogate Maxis and uncover the mole before berating the doctor on his foolish actions of disposing Maxis in the Dark Aether and allowing countless of Omega Group's loyal personnel to be terminated in the outbreak. Nonetheless, Gorev reassures Peck that he would take charge of the situation directly and personally deal with Requiem and the mole.

Soon after Peck's extraction from Outpost 25, Gorev would begin reporting to Kravchenko of Omega Group's operations at the world's largest Outbreak Zone in the Ural Mountains, detailing the substantial amount of Aetherium harvested from the site and fearing Requiem's response should they uncover what Omega Group has acquired.