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"Typical capitalist mindset. You always take that which is not yours."
— Gorev to Requiem

Commander Gorev (Russian: Горев) is a high-ranking member of Omega Group featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies. He is Lev Kravchenko's right-hand man, and the Tactical Operations Lead of Omega Group. He was first mentioned in Die Maschine in a cipher, making his first physical appearance in Mauer der Toten.


Joining Omega

On April 3rd, 1983, Gorev is recruited to Omega Group by Kravchenko to act as the organization's Tactical Operations Lead and ensure the performance of Omega Group's forces was up to his superior's standards.

Outpost 25

In June 1984, Gorev personally visits Outpost 25, Omega Group's foreign research station in Vietnam, where he informs Doctor William Peck of rogue BND agent Samantha Maxis and her role in supplying Requiem with intel regarding Projekt Endstation. He goes on to reveal that she has influenced someone within Omega's ranks at Outpost 25, who he believes is planning on handing Requiem some of their expansive Dark Aether research, and orders Peck to capture Maxis and root out the traitor.

On June 15th, Gorev would learn that Outpost 25 has fallen to the undead, and that Peck was desperately requesting an exfil from the overrun facility. Gorev would take the opportunity to radio Peck, reflecting on his simplistic orders to interrogate Maxis and uncover the mole before berating the doctor on his foolish actions of disposing Maxis in the Dark Aether and allowing countless of Omega Group's loyal personnel to be terminated in the outbreak. Nonetheless, Gorev reassures Peck that he would take charge of the situation directly and personally deal with Requiem and the mole.


On June 18th, Omega Group is forwarded a transcript of a distress call sent from Mount Yamantau from Lt. Agapov of Yamantau's NBCP Unit, detailing a possible dimensional breach at the summit. A day later, Gorev led an Omega strike team and exterminated the undead infestation, with some help from Agapov and his unit towards the end. Gorev would afterwards inform the hazmat unit that they were to rewarded with a new assignment, seeking to send them to the Ural Mountains to assist Omega Group. Gorev would find a note written by one of the hazmat troops, detailing how the soldier "could take him". This proved not to be the case, as Gorev would confiscate the note and personally single the troop out for "special treatment". He would then report to Kravchenko regarding the incident, who informs him that the NBCP weren't meant to know about the existence Dark Aether incursions, detailing they should be transferred to Siberia where they can be quietly silenced. Gorev would offer an alternative, bringing up his desire to send the hazmat unit to the Ural Mountains. In a report written a day later, Gorev details the events at Yamantau while stating that if completely necessary, he is willing to execute the Colonel's orders to have the hazmat unit taken care of.

Operation Inversion

Soon after Peck's extraction from Outpost 25, Gorev would be stationed to the Ural Mountains to begin reporting to Kravchenko of Omega Group's operations at the world's largest Outbreak Zone, detailing the substantial amount of Aetherium harvested from the site and fearing Requiem's response should they uncover what Omega Group has acquired. Before leaving for the Urals, however, he met with Kravchenko who spoke to him regarding the mole within Omega. Peck, having been transferred to the Urals as well on July 8th, would come under Gorev's direct supervision. As Peck's work continued, he would eventually discover a strange computer, using it to talk to a stranger on the other side. Growing concerned, Gorev would meet with Aleksandra Valentina to discuss the matter, stating that other people besides Peck have been speaking to it. Valentina then told Gorev to hold off on any report to Kravchenko, telling him to "give [her] a few days" and that she'd investigate.

At some point, Peck would have Gorev and Valentina study the remains of a Krasny Soldat, specifically the remains of Omega Lt. Kazakov, and how the Red Soldier Mech Suit was upgraded when Kazakov went into the Dark Aether by someone else. Gorev then told Peck that he would keep this between the two of them for now, and to destroy the suit as not to give Kravchenko any further impressions that there is an entity within the Dark Aether, an idea that Kravchenko had grown increasingly obsessed with.

On August 14th, KGB member Viktor Krupin, an old Army of Gorev, personally sends him a request to send a NBCP unit to a drilling facility in Algeria he was working as a hydrocarbons expert at, telling him that there had been an incident where men were screaming and "attacking each other like dogs". A day later, Gorev would temporarily leave the Ural Mountains to assist in containment, which would take place in under an hour of arrival. Although most of the crew had either been killed or infected, Krupin was nowhere to be found. During the search for a corpse, Gorev found an improvised field report written by Krupin detailing his encounter with an "apparition" of a figure in a 1940s-era Red Army uniform that wanted Krupin to follow it into the dimensional breach. Gorev wrote a report regarding the outbreak at Algeria, theorizing in the report that the apparition may have been a Demented Echo and that Krupin followed the Echo into the Dark Aether.

On November 16th, a Requiem Strike Team, with the help of Sergei Ravenov and Samantha Maxis disposed of Omega's Operation Inversion warheads at Ruka by sending them into the Pacific Ocean. In the wake of this setback, Gorev met with Kravchenko and discussed the identity of the mole - Ravenov. Gorev told Kravchenko that he had distributed the Burn Notice condemning Ravenov as an enemy of the state has been distributed across the Eastern Bloc. They also discussed the warheads, with Kravchenko stating it was Omega's only chance of containing "the entity", to which Gorev responded that he had found nothing regarding an entity within the Dark Aether, suggesting Kravchenko's Requiem contact was working on incomplete information. Kravchenko coldly stated that his source was not to be challenged, and that the threat was real. Afterwards, they discussed the ongoing failures of Peck, with Gorev stating that despite his desire to see Peck "strung up in the gulag", he was not responsible for the failure at Ruka, and that Peck could still be useful in finding Kravchenko's "entity". Gorev would then casually mention Peck speaking with his computer, to which Kravchenko surprisingly asked why he hadn't known about it until now, and how long it had been going on. Gorev told Kravchenko that Valentina assured him she would investigate and write a report to Kravchenko - a report the Colonel had never received. Kravchenko would finish the meeting by ordering Gorev to tell Peck to continue speaking to the computer and to ask about the entity.

On December 14th, the Requiem Strike Team would be captured by Kravchenko after a trap set up by Dr. Hugo Jager saw Requiem attempt to rescue defecting Omega soldiers. Under Kravchenko's orders, Gorev would transfer the Requiem Strike Team and Raptor One to Potsdam and oversee their transport personally. While Gorev would personally question their imprisonment (preferring to instead execute them to send a message to the West), Kravchenko told him that the Strike Team would come in handy for use against an Omega agent that had gone rogue recently that he believed was working against their interests - Valentina. Sometime later, Gorev and Kravchenko would interrogate and torture Raptor One, unsuccessfully.

Incursion in Berlin

In the early weeks of January 1985, Omega Group realized the extent of Valentina's deception and learned about her true identity as Ulrich Vogel's daughter - Angelika Hannabelle Vogel. After the Operation Inversion failure and the loss of the Reality Inversion warheads, Valentina left Omega Group and remained hidden in Berlin where she found the Endstation lab and began her work to open a portal to the Dark Aether and complete Operation Baldr, believing she was taking orders from her father. She would create an Outbreak Zone at Checkpoint Charlie, causing an infestation. On January 25th, Gorev wrote a timeline of Valentina's true early life under the orders of Kravchenko.

Knowing of Valentina's plotting and the involvement of the entity, The Forsaken, Kravchenko released Requiem from imprisonment and deployed them to Berlin to eliminate Valentina and close the Outbreak Zone, using Raptor One as leverage. Gorev, along with Jager and Peck would assist Requiem along the way, eventually leading to them defeating Valentina and closing the portal beneath Berlin before escaping Kravchenko's clutches thanks to the help of Maxis.

The Forsaken Threat

On March 13th, Gorev wrote a report to Kravchenko detailing increased hostilities within the Ural Mountains Outbreak Zone, stating that Dark Aether activity in the region had increased over fifty percent since the incursion at Berlin. He also predicts that with the increased hostilities and terraforming in the region, Omega will eventually lose control of the Outbreak Zone to The Forsaken entirely. Gorev would also be present in a meeting with Omega's lead membership where Kravchenko informed them all that there would be a new plan for dealing with The Forsaken - capturing him. Sometime after the meeting, Jager would meet with Gorev and discuss how the two were being kept in the dark by Kravchenko and Peck regarding Operatsiya Izbavitel, and that if it were to fail they would both be held accountable if they did not assure their own escape.

On the morning of the operation on June 4th, Jager and Gorev were tasked with collecting the containment chamber for the Forsaken once he was captured via helicopter. As planned with Gorev, Jager had prepared a "Plan B" if things went awry, as someone he was in contact with promised he and Gorev would be granted "safe passage" out of Omega Group, and possibly new employment. When the Forsaken was unintentionally released by Peck and Kravchenko, Jager and Gorev ultimately decided to go with Jager's Plan B, fleeing the scene and leaving Peck and Kravchenko to take full responsibility for the failure.


"Gorev is a strange one, though. He is spoken of as a killing machine, but I was a bit disappointed meeting him in person. I find him physically unimpressive. And he is almost too nice. Seriously, what is the big deal? What is so scary about Gorev? Pretty sure I could take him."
— Unidentified Yamantau Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Unit soldier

Gorev is described as unusually kind for someone of his reputation. He appears to be a family man, as he frequently and affectionately mentions his son throughout Mauer der Toten. He also seems to be somewhat fond of Peck prior to the events of Firebase Z, although his opinion quickly shifts to that of annoyance, eventually beginning to dislike him enough after Peck's many failures to the point where he openly states he'd like "nothing more than for our one-eyed cowboy to be strung up in the gulag".

Despite his seemingly kind disposition, Gorev is also ruthless in his efficiency, willing to whatever is necessary to get the job done and to follow any order given, such as torture (such as his and Kravchenko's torture of Raptor One) or being willing to kill his fellow Soviets if ordered to (such as at Yamantau).



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