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Grüner Knoten Camouflage icon WWII
Grüner Knoten Camouflage
Unlocked Donating 250 Jolts to four different four-leaf clovers on Gröesten Haus.
"The ancients knew that science and art were bound at the roots."
— Description

Grüner Knoten Camouflage is hidden and unlockable camouflage exclusive to Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies that was added as part of the Shamrock & Awe event on March 13th, 2018. Like the other two camouflages, it can be unlocked by donating 250 Jolts to four different four-leaf clovers hidden around the map, in this case being Gröesten Haus. Unlike The Final Reich and The Darkest Shore, the clovers will always spawn in the same locations.

The camouflage appears as an ornate gold and green square pattern, with several rainbow-colored surges appearing all across the gun.


  • On a pile of books across from the MP-40 weapon locker.
  • To the right of the table across from the Combat Shotgun weapon locker.
  • On a pile of books in the room containing the STG44 weapon locker and Geistchild machine.
  • Inside the secret Mystery Box room, to the right of the doorway closest to the staircase by the Random Blitz.

Upon finding all four, a Leprechaun Zombie will appear. Killing it with a melee weapon will sometimes award the player 5,000 Jolts.