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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

"Father said the chambers were doorways, opened by the songs of the ancients."
"Yes, yes! You found it! For the doorways to open... They need to hear the songs."
—Samantha, when entering an elemental tunnel and opening the main chamber, respectively.

The Gramophone laying down before picked up.

The Gramophone is a key item in the Zombies map Origins, needed to access The Crazy Place and open the rest of the Excavation Zone. The Gramophone will always be located inside the Excavation Zone, on the floor next to a table.

In May 11th, 1917, Soldiers were able to open the main chamber by listening to a track by the performers "La Source Noire" through a gramophone that one of the solider brought. According to a quote by Richtofen, Maxis then tried many songs until finding the right songs to open the portals.

The Gramophones return in the map Der Eisendrache as a part of an easter egg song: an excerpt from Anton Reicha's Requiem, named Dies Irae. The song can be activated by holding the use button on three gramophones scattered around the map. Locations are:

  • In Samantha's bedroom, on top of a shelf facing opposite the teddy bear.
  • In the control room, sitting on a chair.
  • In the pyramid room, facing the staircase leading to the crypt.


The Gramophone is used to build gateways to The Crazy Place, along with allowing access to the lower levels of the Excavation Zone. To use the Gramophone, the player has to have found the record disk that matches with the tunnel that they are trying to access The Crazy Place from. To reach the lower levels of the Excavation Zone, the player must have the black record, which can be found around the outside of the excavation zone, with one location being right next to the excavation site sign, one in the wheelbarrow right next to the Pack-A-Punch machine, and the last in the trench near the debris that allows access to the church.


  • The tracks in Origins' gramophone are a part of the Origins Soundtrack, under the collective name "Elements". They do not appear to include the track by "La Source Noire" for the main chamber.
    • "La Source Noire" means "The Dark Source" in French.
  • Black ops III's Live Action Trailer named "Seize Glory" features a gramophone in timestamp 0:30, behind Michael B. Jordan. The trailer also features a section with Zombies.
  • A gramophone can be seen in seen in the first few second of the Story trailer for Zombies Chronicles.
  • In the Black ops III campaign mission Demon Within, the player will fall down into a house, which contains a gramophone. During this section, a music plays in the background. It is the same track as in Der Eisendrache's gramophone song, although being a difference performance.
    • The same house appears in Nikolai's memory video. In the video, the gramophone appears again for a few moments.