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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty 3. The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII
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The Granatwerfer 34 is a mortar that can be found in Call of Duty 3. It is used by the Wehrmacht.

Call of Duty 3

"Granatwerfer 34. 81mm mortar. Heavy mortar developed by German army prior to WWII. Indirect artillery firing a 3.5kg 81mm round over 2 kilometers. Effective blast radius of 50 meters."
— In-game description.

In Call of Duty 3, the player can use the German weapons in two missions to destroy enemy defenses. The missions are "The Forest" and "Laison River." In the missions, "The Corridor of Death" and "Chambois", the player must take out three mortar teams to complete the objective. Several unmanned Grantwerfer 34s also appear in the level "The Island". The weapon has fairly high splash damage, throwing enemies all over the place, but the player has to wait a few seconds for the barrel to cool and use again.

Call of Duty:WWII

It makes an appearance again in Call of Duty: WWII campagin. It is unsuable by the player.