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Two Gravity Lifts on Moon.

"Bounce and shoot, Bounce and shoot!"
— Dempsey after using a Gravity Lift.

The Gravity Lift is a Utility which appears in the Zombies map Moon that can launch the player across the map in a random direction. Unlike most of the transportation utilities in other zombies maps, the Gravity Lift does not cost any points to use. Gravity Lifts can be found in the Bio-Dome and below the Receiving Bay, and are only active upon activating the power switch.

The Gravity Lifts in the Bio-Dome will launch the player towards another Gravity Lift upon stepping onto them. The player will be launched towards three random Gravity Lifts before the last one launches the player towards an insulation pad, on which the player must land not to get downed. As there are three pads at ground level and three insulation pads, there is a total of three paths through the Gravity Lifts. Gravity Lifts randomly deactivate/reactivate; while deactivated, players cannot use them, however only Lifts located at ground level will deactivate, to prevent players from being stuck in mid-air.

It is possible for players to miss the next Gravity Lift and consequently be downed if they do not stand near the center of the lift or move while jumping (also, falling from the highest pads will down the player). Players can protect themselves from this by doing one of the following: purchase PhD Flopper (Black Ops version only) or Juggernog, maneuver oneself to the middle of the intermediate lifts, or land on one of the insulation pads that are spread out around the biodome. Additionally, players will not be downed from falling in low gravity should the Bio-Dome be decompressed following a breach by Excavator Epsilon. Low gravity will also cause the Gravity Lifts to launch players farther than in normal gravity. When landing on these insulation pads, a squeaking noise can be heard. Power-ups appear randomly around the center gravity lift in the Biodome, alternating between Double Points, Carpenter, Nuke, Fire Sale, and Insta-Kill. Each spawns for only a few seconds. Walking off of a lift to collect a power-up will not down players.

A Gravity Lift can be found in the Receiving Bay, in the outside below the building. If used, it will launch the player inside the Bay, therefore it can be used as an alternative way inside. Unlike the Lifts found in the Bio-Dome, this one will never deactivate, will never down the player using it, and can be used by Zombies to reach the Receiving Bay.


  • In Black Ops, Claymores may still be used while mid-air via a Gravity Lift, and will be placed directly below the player.