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Gravity Spikes menu icon BO3
Gravity Spikes
Damage 500-300
Maximum Ammunition 1
Radius 10.8 m
Fire Mode Single Use
Used by Donnie "Ruin" Walsh
Danny "Blackjack" Li
"Twin charges drive deep into the ground, sending out a powerful expanding seismic shockwave that destroys everything in range."
— In-game description.

Gravity Spikes are specialist weapons featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops III that are exclusive to Ruin and Blackjack. They allow the player to take out enemies with a powerful shock wave, along with other enemy machinery, such as Talons.


  • Can be initiated while airborne or on the ground.
  • Impact creates a wide blast radius with a limited height.
  • Effective in clearing enemies from an objective.
  • If killed after initiating but before impact you will not lose all of your energy.


The Gravity Spikes are available to be unlocked immediately, but require one unlock token. Unlike other specialist weapons, the Gravity Spikes are single-use each time they are earned. They are not equipped, but rather used immediately upon activation.

When used, Ruin jumps and slams the spikes into the ground, causing a massive shockwave that kills any player within its radius, as well as causing damage to enemy scorestreaks. They can also be activated in the air, where the spikes will be slammed upon landing.

Compared to other specialist weapons, getting kills is quite easy, as the player simply needs to activate the Gravity Spikes nearby an enemy without need to aim. However, due to its single use nature, it can only achieve multiple kills if enemies are grouped together, and it has a slow charge time. The player can also be killed while activating the Gravity Spikes, which will result in losing half of the charge meter.

Gravity Spikes are useful in objective modes such as Domination and Hardpoint since players are often grouped in predictable locations. However, in Hardcore modes, it can easily end up killing friendly players too if the user is not aware of their surroundings, and the user is also more easily killed mid-use.



  • When getting a double kill with the Gravity Spikes, the player will earn the medal "Blast Radius". Upon getting a triple kill or higher, the player will get the "Megaton" medal.
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