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The Gravity Vortex Gun is an energy-based heavy weapon in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and as an Operator Skill in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare[edit | edit source]

"Prototype launcher that fires a slow moving projectile which distorts gravity, pulling in and damaging enemies."
— Description

The Gravity Vortex Gun is available as a payload for Stryker and is unlocked at level 31.

The Gravity Vortex Gun features its own integrated Reflex Sight with a custom yellow Rotating Concentric Circles reticle.

The weapon's gravitational pull is far stronger than that of the Black Hole Projector, and is the perfect weapon for taking out large groups of enemies. Objective based gamemodes such as Domination or Hardpoint are the perfect way to take advantage of the power of the weapon, as that is where enemies are most likely to be surrounded by each other. It is advised to be careful with your shots, as you only have two shots to use every activation, so be cautious on when and where you decide to activate it. Not only that, players must be aware of any objects that may get in the way of their shots as they may cause the shot to detonate prematurely.

The Gravity Vortex Gun cooldown was originally 310 seconds, but was reduced to 290 seconds on the February 3rd, 2017 update. [1]

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Call of Duty: Mobile[edit | edit source]

"Launcher that fires vortex projectiles that distort gravity. When the vortex disppears, it causes explosive damage to everything in its path."
— Description

The Gravity Vortex Gun returns in Call of Duty: Mobile as an Operator Skill. It was added as part of the Season 1 New Order update.

Its projectiles, interestingly, can be destroyed by a trophy system.

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