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"This overgrown, derelict town 5 kilometers outside of Venskaya, Russia on the edge of farmland to the south, and a trainyard to the west, where one of the insertion points is located. Navigate the “Pemoht” garage, workshop courtyard, and Auto shop, with its faded signage and cracked yellow tilework. Optionally climbing a ladder to the roof, where you can clatter across the corrugated metal to observe activity at the nearby coffee shop. Across the main thoroughfare to the northwest, where a small industrial complex of dilapidated buildings sits on overgrown concrete and grass."
— Map Overview[1]

Grazna Raid is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The map supports 12 to 20 players making it one of the largest maps upon launch and during the beta.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Grazna Raid is a large, roughly rectangular, wide map with lots' of outdoor environments. It supports all engagements depending on the area but mostly, long-range combat is more suitable to pick off enemies. The map is filled with ruined buildings and rubble clustered around in the middle section. An open field with a trench is a snipers' playground along with the destroyed blue building that overwatches majority of the northern section. The U-shaped road is the second open area that stretches across the entire map. It's important to know that the field and the road encircle the middle buildings and though rushing through is common, it's not always ideal.

All killstreaks can be used to force enemies into certain areas and chokepoints. Aerial streaks such as the Cluster Strike and Cruise Missile can finish off hostiles hding in small to medium spaces. Precision Airstrike, VTOL Jet and White Phosphorus can completely annhilate some of the bigger areas of the map. It is one of the few non-Ground War maps where the Infantry Assault Vehicle can be deployed in. Using the IAV can eliminate enemies in buildings when drving through the road with it's machine gun but will leave the gunner vulnerable from outside attacks. It's cannon can decimate enemies from far distance, especially on the open field where the IAV can drive freely. Wheelson, on the other hand, can drive and gun down enemies in certain chokepoints and tight areas. 

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The map was originally set in Russia.
  • The apartment blocs situated at the out of bound regions of the map resemble Bloc.
  • A top-down photo of Grazna Raid's trench zone is found in Barkov's Estate pinned along with other photos. These photos reappear once again in Khandor Hideout and in a secret room in the Acropolis International Stadium of Verdansk.
  • The Gunfight map Trench is based on Grazna Raid.

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