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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

Greek Tragedy is an achievement/trophy for the Zombies map Ancient Evil in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. It is the main story Easter Egg for Ancient Evil.

Step 1

Obtain the Sentinel Artifact and activate Pack-a-Punch. Complete trials in order to light the Eternal Flame in Apollo's Temple and then melee the blue flame with the Spear of Apollo's Will and locate the 3 Oil Spills listed below so that you can set them ablaze with the Spear of Apollo's Will.

  • Upper Road
  • Intersections of Treasuries
  • Spartan Monument

Step 2

Obtain the Redeemed Hand of Charon and shoot a charged shot at the ground in front of the Zeus Perk Statue in the Spartan Monument area. Stand in the blood pool and look around at the statues surrounding you and shoot an uncharged shot at the statue with glowing eyes if done correctly the statue should be destroyed. Once 4 statues have been destroyed you have completed the step.

Step 3

Using a weapon, locate and destroy the 3 walls listed below to reveal 3 rotating cog locations. Throw the spear of Apollo's Will at the cogs while the smaller cog is next to the larger one, causing the smaller cog to connect. Once complete, the statues at the Stoa of Athenians will begin to spin. Once all statues are facing inward, throw the spear of Apollo's Will at the 4th set of cogs listed below.

  1. Intersection of Treasuries
  2. Spartan Monument
  3. Intersection of Treasuries
  4. Stoa of Athenians

Step 4

Navigate to Offering of the Attalids, locate a symbol to the left of Statue of Danu with branches on it, shoot the symbol with the Redeemed Hand of Gaia. Repeat this process for 2 more symbols which spawn near the top of the Statue of Danu. You must hit both symbols with a single shot of the Redeemed Hand of Gaia. Repeat this process once more for the next 3 symbols. Once complete, a Gegenees will spawn, kill it and obtain the dropped golden pole.

Step 5

Navigate to the Intersections of Treasuries, locate the ankh in the chaos crystal. Allow a Gegenees to shield blast the ankh, causing the ankh to drop. Pick up the ankh and place it in the hand of the Statue of Ra. Next, place the Redeemed Hand of Hemera at the Statue of Ra, causing a beam to fire. Defend the Statue of Ra from Skeletons who will attempt to deflect the beam. Once complete, a chamber will be revealed where the beam hit, revealing Ra's scepter. Obtain the Scepter of Ra, place it on the Statue of Ra.

Step 6

Place the pole obtained in Step 4 in the sundial located in the Offering of the Attalids, causing a yellow line to appear behind it. Kill an electric catalyst zombie on-top of the sundial to activate it, revealing a dial with a rotating symbols. Activate the dial once the blue symbol has rotated underneath the slot with the light line over it. Repeat this process 2 more times for the two inner dials. If failed, the screen will flash white, the step must be .

Step 7

All players must navigate to the building of the Amphitheater, locate the glowing circles on the floor corresponding each player's Hand of God as indicated by the color. Each player must stand on their respective circle to start the sharpshooter game. When a player's circle glows in the arena of the Amphitheater the player must quickly stand on the circle and kill all zombies which correspond to their color. Both the charge shot and single shot must be utilized, depending on the zombie's distance. Once 3 rounds of 5 plays are completed, the step is complete. If 5 fails are made in a single attempt, you must progress to the next round and retry from the beginning.

Step 8

Door Symbol Order

Locate the door to the right of the Spitfire wallbuy in the River of Sorrow. The symbols on the door must be shot in the order shown in the image above. Once complete, the players controlling Stanton Shaw and Bruno must interact with the door, causing a cinematic to play (if no players in the match are Stanton or Bruno there will be no cinematic). Next, navigate to the top of the stairs at the River of Sorrow, locate and place the Pegasus Strike on the blue glowing symbol. Once complete, Pegasus will cause a giant Ballista to spawn at the bottom of the stairs. Using the Redeemed Hand of Ouranos, fire the charged wind blast at the Ballista while standing where the Pegasus Strike was placed to turn it. Once complete the Ballista will be loaded and aimed at the Python. Ignite the spear of Apollo's Will at the fire in Apollo's Temple, then run through an active Venom Trap in Python Pass. If done correctly, the spear tip will be green, navigate back to the Ballista and melee it. Once complete, the Ballista will fire, a portal to the Boss Fight will open in the Center of the World where the egg was.

Step 9: Boss Fight

Phase 1: Enter the Boss Fight and Pegasus will be roaming around the Mount Olympus arena. Shoot at Pegasus to make it fall down on the ground, when it does you must damage it with your Specialist Weapon. You can stand in the flaming spears Perseus throws on the ground around you to quickly recover your Specialist Weapon gauge.

Phase 2:Once you deal enough damage to Pegasus, the Mount Olympus: Fountain and Mount Olympus: Forest will become overcome by Chaos storms and will be uninhabitable. Make your way to the last remaining area, Mount Olympus: Columns. Perseus will then absorb Pegasus and will start directly attacking you. When Perseus strikes lightning down he will teleport to where he struck and you must shoot him to make him fall to his knees, when he is down damage him with your weapons. Once you do enough damage to him he will die and drop a key, the ending cutscene should play shortly after.