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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
For a similar scorestreak module in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, see Rocket Turret.

The Grenade Turret is an equalizer streak featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts mode Extinction.

Like the Portable Minigun Turret, the Grenade Turret is man-operated, can be moved when not in use by the owner of the turret, and has a limited turning radius. The Grenade Turret can fire six grenades in rapid succession before overheating. Players can pace their shots to allow the turret to cool down some before the next shot fires. The turret will not overheat until the heat bar is completely full, in which case the turret will start to smoke and the turret must completely cool down before it can be fired again. Because of the forced cool down at max heat, players should be sure to avoid overheating the turret whenever possible.

When the turret runs out of ammo, the user must disengage from the turret for it to be destroyed. This is the only way to destroy a Grenade Turret. Once done, the player can buy another turret almost immediately afterwards. However, like other turret-based items, the player can buy another Grenade Turret if the original Grenade Turret is too far away from the player physically, destroying the old one to lay down a new one.

The Grenade Turret provides a lot of firepower in a cheap package. One grenade is capable of killing a Scout without any upgrades, usually capable of killing multiple Scouts with one blast. The Grenade Turret at lower levels will have a parabolic arc, but this is a slight arc, and at all levels, the Grenade Turret is not hitscan, so it will not hit targets immediately, though it does fly through the air at a fair speed.

The Grenade Turret does not have a safe distance, unlike many other grenade-based weaponry, and fortunately, the Grenade Turret does not deal self-damage, so users are free to shoot in close proximity to themselves to dispatch of threats. This makes using the Grenade Turret a lot safer, since players can abuse the lack of self damage and the splash damage to dispose of threats that are directly behind the user. The player does not always need to disengage from the Grenade Turret if the user themself is injured.

At higher upgrade levels, the Grenade Turret proves to be a formidable weapon, capable of killing Hunters and Scorpions in only a couple of blasts, especially when the incendiary effect is acquired. Due to the Grenade Turret's very low cost, players can generate a net profit from using the Grenade Turret, especially at higher levels where more ammunition is available.

The Grenade Turret is very effective when used against a Barrier Hive, as it has a lot of ammo on tap and it has a good damage output. Players should space out their shots so as to not overheat the turret. On the second Barrier Hive, the Grenade Turret can also very effectively dislodge Scorpions that cling onto the wall behind the Barrier Hive, as the Grenade Turret can hit that surrounding area extremely easily.

Because of the Grenade Turret's cheapness, longetivity, and effectiveness, the Grenade Turret is very popular for players who are using multiple Relics. It is perhaps one of the best items to use should the player want to use the extremely restrictive Earn Your Keep relic and/or the Pistols Only relic. Due to its very cheap cost, it is also a very good fit for players using Smaller Wallet. Among Equalizers that aren't the passive Riot Shield, the Grenade Turret is among the most popular due to how it facilitates playing with multiple Relics turned on.

However, because the Grenade Turret needs to be moved from location to location, the Grenade Turret is a very bad fit with movable Strike Packages like the Sentry Gun, as it forces the user to move multiple items from location to location. It's also burdensome for a player that is tasked with moving the Drill. The Grenade Turret is a great fit with the Vulture and I.M.S., as the Vulture is very low maintenance since it just follows the player around anyway, and the Vulture can cover blind spots with ease, while the I.M.S. also fills a self-defense role well on the cheap.

The Grenade Turret generates a lot of smoke when it fires, as a smoke stream follows the grenades through the air, and dust is kicked up with the explosion. Because of this, on console systems, multiple players using Grenade Turrets in close proximity to each other can cause the game's frame rate to tank if a lot of smoke accumulates near a turret user. The issue can become so prevalent that it obscures visibility. To alleviate this, players should try to space out from one another when using Grenade Turrets and not fire in close proximity to other turret users, or players should opt to use a different Equalizer if others are using Grenade Turrets.


  • Manned turret with 10 grenades.
    • +1 (Cost: 1): Fire faster grenades and utilize a larger grenade capacity. (15 grenades)
    • +2 (Cost: 1): Significantly increased explosive radius and damage for the turret.
    • +3 (Cost: 2): A larger ammo capacity provides more firepower per dollar. (30 grenades)
    • +4 (Cost: 3): Equipped with incendiary rockets that will burn their targets after impact.