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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode
"Fight the undead WITH or AGAINST the other team. But in the end, only one team survives..."
— Description

Grief mode, also referred to as 4vs4 and Last Man Standing, is a playable mode in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombie mode where matches of two to eight players in various team sizes try to outlast each other in the zombie outbreak.


Grief features two factions: CIA vs. CDC on Town, Farm and Borough, and Alcatraz Guards vs. Alcatraz Prisoners on Cell Block. The teams cannot directly harm one another, but they can still hinder each other by blocking the enemy team's way via not opening doors, blocking passageways, luring zombies towards them, knifing them or shooting them. Collected power-ups only reward the team that picks them up. Knifing an enemy player pushes them (can cause revives to fail) and slightly delays revive time as well as briefly stunning them. Occasionally, a Zombie Flesh will drop and, when thrown at another player, will attract the horde of zombies to them. Theoretically, this can be used to have a bigger lobby of teammates, and survive to higher rounds. But the teams will still only be able to get power-ups for their technical team. Edward Richtofen or Brutus can be heard in the beginning of each match, talking to both teams, and when a player dies or leaves the match, he will announce their departure/demise. Upon having a person go down, an icon (depending on what faction they are in) will appear over them, to show the players whose team member is down. In addition, after beginning, the player will see either a CIA, CDC, Prisoner, or Guard logo near the round counter.

When an entire team is downed, the other team will win if at least one player from that team is alive and survives the rest of the round. If both teams are completely downed, every player will be revived and the round will restart.



  • When players from the opposite teams knife or shoot each other, butterflies explode out of where the knife or shot should be. In Cell Block, purple electricity explodes out instead. In both cases, the player that is shot or knifed will be stunned for a second.
  • On the Survival mode and Grief mode on Green Run, zombie women use different models. In Survival, they wear a torn up t-shirt and a skirt while in Grief they wear a jean-type skirt with a dress. 
  • From a radio message, the reason that the CIA and CDC are fighting is because one side is hearing Maxis's voice while the other is hearing Richtofen's voice, though only Richtofen's voice can be heard in-game.