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"Weaver was Russian... but he was alright."
Alex Mason

Special Agent Grigori Weaver (Russian: Григорий Уивер) was one of the major characters and a non-playable character in Call of Duty: Black Ops. He is a member of the CIA Special Activities Division and part of the squad in the mission "WMD". The callsign for his squad during "WMD" is Kilo One.

He also appears in the mission "Numbers" alongside Jason Hudson as one of the two who interrogate Dr. Daniel Clarke. He loses his left eye during "Executive Order" after Lev Kravchenko gouges it out with a knife, and wears an eyepatch throughout the remainder of the campaign. Later, it is revealed that he and Hudson are the ones who were interrogating Alex Mason.

Weaver makes an appearance in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 as a character in the Blackout mode during Operation Dark Divide.

Weaver returns in the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War as the commanding officer of Requiem. Weaver was also released as a playable Operator of the NATO faction in Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone on July 27th, 2021 with Season Four Reloaded as part of the "Tracer Pack: Weaver Operator Bundle".

Weaver makes a brief appearance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III during the Zombies mode intro cutscene, revealing that he had died after the events of Forsaken.

Weaver is set to appear in Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 where he will be a playable character in the Zombies map Terminus.



Early life[]

According to Weaver's CIA dossier, he was born in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on November 10, 1936. His father was a local political figure who was killed during Stalin's Great Purge and his mother defected with her children to the U.S. during World War II.

In 1954, Weaver enlisted in the United States Army, where he excelled in Ranger school before being recruited into the CIA for his Russian language.[3]

Operation Flashpoint[]

Joseph Bowman: "What happened to Weaver?"
Frank Woods: "He's been compromised!"
— Bowman and Woods, during "Executive Order"

Weaver was assigned to infiltrate Dragovich's launch facility and disable the rocket that is set to launch at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in the USSR. However, before he could do that he was compromised and captured by Dragovich's second in command, Kravchenko. Later Woods and Mason spotted him via a pair of binoculars. He was tied to a chair and interrogated near a Mi-8. Kravchenko then called Woods on the radio and told them that he would be spared only if they surrendered.

When Mason and Woods do not comply, Kravchenko buries a knife into Weaver's eye and moves him into a nearby building where he was eventually rescued by Mason. After the Baikonur mission, Weaver develops a bond with Woods and Mason for saving his life. However, Mason's deteriorating mental condition has caused rift in the friendship, from worry to mistrust, and by February 1968, Weaver was convinced that Mason is burnt during the latter's days in Vorkuta, and advises Hudson to deal with Mason with "two in the chest, one in the head," thus deeming him unfit to continue any further operations.

Interrogation of Clarke[]

"We can do this all day! We got plenty of windows!"
— Weaver while torturing Clarke

After Mason and the SOG unit recovered a file from the Soviet Defector that had intel on Dragovich, they discovered a man named Daniel Clarke had helped create Nova 6. Weaver and Hudson were sent to Kowloon to interrogate him. Afterwards he reveals that he was working on Nova 6 for Dragovich, and that a Nazi scientist named Steiner was also involved pertaining to the experiment. The group was then forced to flee across Kowloon after an attack by Soviet Spetsnaz infantry.

Shortly before reaching exfil, a slippery roof causes Clarke to fall and hang from Hudson's arm. Before he can reveal important information about Nova 6, Clarke is shot through the head. Weaver and Hudson continue on and are eventually rescued by other CIA agents. They immediately head to the Soviet Union to retrieve Steiner.

Mount Yamantau[]

"We're clear. Hudson, shut down the relay dish."
— Weaver to Hudson

Weaver, Hudson, Brooks, and Harris travel to the Yamantau Complex, taking on waves of Soviet troops in the blizzard with support from a Blackbird piloted by Captain Mosely and Major Neitsch using elements of stealth to keep themselves hidden.

Harris falls to his death when the bridge he is standing on is crippled by an RPG, forcing Weaver, Hudson, and Brooks to parachute from the cliff to escape the resulting avalanche. Failing to locate Steiner, they discover the location of Dragovich's targets. Steiner contacts the CIA and reveals his location at Rebirth Island, and that only he could translate the number codes.

Death of Steiner[]

"We have to stop him NOW!!!"
— Weaver witnessing Mason execute Steiner.

It is revealed that Mason, whom they thought had died in Vietnam, was alive and had set out with Reznov to kill Steiner. Weaver, Hudson and the CIA reach Rebirth Island, fighting through waves of Spetsnaz through clouds of weaponized Nova 6. Upon reaching the base, they see Mason attacking Steiner on the other side of a bullet-proof window.

A delusional Mason proclaims that he himself is Viktor Reznov and that he will have his revenge. Once through the glass, Mason shoots both Steiner and Weaver, but Hudson knocks him out. Weaver suggests that they find Reznov but Hudson says they won't because he was never there. Upon the revelation that Reznov was never on the island, it is accepted that Mason is the only link to finding the broadcast station. He is then taken into custody and interrogated by the CIA.

Mason's Interrogation[]

"You want to die with him? Your choice!"
— Weaver as an interrogator.

Following Steiner's death, Weaver and Hudson interrogate Mason for the location of the numbers station. When he tells them he doesn't know what they're talking about, they put him through the major events in his life from Bay of Pigs in 1961 to the present day.

However, Hudson does most of the interrogating, getting few answers out of Mason, who rants on about Dragovich, Kravchenko, Steiner, and his delusions concerning Reznov. Later Weaver gives up and tells Hudson they're at DEFCON 2 and need to get to the bunker. Hudson chooses to stay in a last ditch effort to jog Mason's memory. Weaver tells Hudson it's his choice if he wants to die with him and walks out.

Death of Dragovich[]

"Mason, It is over. We won..."
— Weaver, congratulating Mason.

However, Hudson does jog Mason's memory and finds out that Castro gave Dragovich a ship called the Rusalka which was the numbers station. They clear out the ship but find out the broadcast station is really underneath it in a supply station. Hudson calls in the airstrike but Mason insists they go after Dragovich. Once Hudson agrees he tells Weaver to take the rest of the squad out.

After the attack on the Rusalka and Dragovich's death, Weaver declares victory, to which Mason responds, "For now..."


Scout Leader MW3
Perhaps our intel was off!
The following text contains information that only appears in Intel from Call of Duty: Black Ops.
Therefore, the canon status of this information is unknown.

According to unlocked intel, Mason never fully recovered from being brainwashed and still hears Reznov. This made him a person of interest to the CIA. The CIA then decided he was a threat to national security. Weaver and Hudson also became people of interest due to their association with Mason. Mason, Hudson and Weaver later escaped to South Africa.

On October 18, 1978, The CIA formed a joint task force with MI-6 in order to find and kill Mason, Hudson and Weaver in what they dubbed Operation Charybdis. The kill order, however, was eventually rescinded, and the trio were spared, as they continue to work with the CIA.

Intel from Call of Duty: Black Ops information ends here.

Dark Aether Saga[]

Meeting Samantha Maxis[]

"I heard a knock at my apartment door. You gave the keyword, and I let you in. We'd never met face to face before. It was a shock to finally meet you. You were in a bad way. I did my best to dress your wounds, but it was the first and only time I saw you cry. You mumbled something about not knowing... about how sorry you were. You torched the place to cover your tracks after the hit. You said the boy was supposed to be staying with his mother. But he wasn't. He was there. In the house. While it burned to the ground."
Samantha Maxis

In 1979, during the ongoing revolution in Iran, Weaver gave tactical assistance to numerous assets and civilians who would have otherwise not been lucky enough to recieve extraction, including Samantha Maxis[4].

Weaver would not meet Maxis face-to-face, however, until some time later during a different operation[5]. Maxis acquired information to facilitate an operation undertaken by Weaver[6]. The operation was an assassination, with Weaver burning the house afterwards to cover his tracks. As far as Weaver was concerned, the young boy who lived there was residing with his mother[7], unbeknownst to Weaver, however, they were still in the house. When Weaver arrived at Maxis' appartment, he was wounded, and deeply shaken by the death of the mother and child, whose existence he had discovered too late. These events would form the basis of an unbreakable bond between Weaver and Maxis.


"Veteran covert agent Grigori Weaver returns to action as the Special Commander of Requiem – a CIA strike team tasked with combating zombie outbreaks around the globe."
— Weaver's biography in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Joining Requiem[]

On November 5th, 1983, a meeting was held by top U.S. officials regarding "Outbreak Zones" caused by the re-activation of an old Nazi particle accelerator in Morasko, Poland by the Soviet Spetsnaz group known as Omega. This meeting would lead to the creation of the CIA Office of Requiem, an American staffed but internationally staffed organization dedicated to analyzing and containing this new threat. The Director of Requiem, Edward "Eddie" Richtofen, personally selected Weaver to work as the Special Officer for Requiem's Field Operations division, despite some internal pushback due to Weaver's previous designation as an enemy of the state during Operation Charybdis. Weaver would come to work alongside Containment and Security lead Major Mackenzie Carver, Unnatural Sciences lead Doctor Elizabeth Grey, and Energy Research lead Doctor Oskar Strauss as part of Requiem's Senior Staff.

Operation Cerberus[]

"You have to turn yourself in. The CIA can protect you. I can protect you."
— Weaver to Maxis.

In the following days, Weaver was soon contacted once again by Maxis, who sent a video tape regarding a zombie outbreak at the abandoned "Projekt Endstation" facility in Poland. After reviewing the contents of the tape during a phone call with Maxis, Weaver begged her to turn herself in to the CIA for protection. Maxis refused, stating Omega had plans and that she needed to stay in the field. Maxis would leave Germany thereafter and pursue an Omega contact in Romania; Captain Sergei Ravenov, whom she believed could be turned.

"Strike team. Weaver here. I understand this has been a lot to take in. Interdimensional breaches all over the world, an infection transforming people into the undead, not exactly a great two weeks for any of us. Requiem had to react quickly. The same day I was personally requested to run Field Ops, I was ordered to assemble a short-list of operatives. That's you guys. Here's what we know. Two weeks ago, a KGB-Spetsnaz unit known as Omega Group came here and reactivated its particle accelerator. Their actions caused the Outbreak Zones we're now seeing around the world. This place is ground zero. Why they did it and to what end - that's what we're going to figure out."
— Weaver, to the Strike Team

With Maxis' intel, Requiem authorized Operation Cerberus on November 13th, 1983. A strike team assembled by Weaver would be deployed to Morasko. Weaver ordered the Strike Team to investigate Omega's activities at the facility. The Strike Team would discover and enter the particle accelerator's gateway to the other world that had been causing the Outbreak Zones - the Dark Aether, with Weaver temporarily losing contact with the team while they entered the alternate dimension. Receiving orders from the Director, Weaver told the Strike Team their mission was now to de-activate the particle accelerator and close the rift opened at Morasko. To accomplish this, the Strike Team resurrected an Omega soldier known as Orlov, who had since become a Megaton. After being restored to full consciousness thanks to Der Weschler, Orlov agreed to help Requiem in shutting down the cyclotron - leading him to stay behind to ensure the facility's destruction. As Raptor One exfiltrated the Strike Team from Morasko, Weaver congratulated the team but warned that their fight was far from over.

Los Angeles[]

Weaver would also lead Requiem's containment of smaller Outbreak zones across the globe. One of these Outbreak zones took place on February 8th, 1984 at a railway in Los Angeles, with Weaver deploying a Strike Team at 10:21 AM and overseeing the containment. Hours after, Weaver would ask the Communications Intelligence department of Requiem about their granular workings, which he would receive a response from in the form of a timeline of the Los Angeles outbreak.

Operation Lost Property[]

"If you are lying to me, if you betrayed her, if any harm comes to her... I will kill you myself."
— Weaver to Ravenov.

Maxis, operating on her own, would have regular contact with Ravenov who gave her intel regarding Omega's recently conducted operations. Realizing the full extent of Omega's work, she planned to travel to Vietnam where she'd meet with Ravenov, infiltrate Omega Outpost 25 and deliver their research to Requiem. Maxis would contact Weaver again and tell him about her plan - much to Weaver's disapproval. However, Omega caught wind of her plan by tapping into her conversation with Weaver, leading her to be captured by Doctor William Peck and thrown in to the Dark Aether. Ravenov contacted Weaver to warn him of Maxis' capture, introducing himself as well as telling Weaver where he needed to deploy the Strike Team - as well as where Maxis was being held. Weaver starkly warned Ravenov that if he was lying or if anything happened to Maxis, he would kill Ravenov himself. Afterwards, Weaver would hold a meeting with the rest of Requiem's Senior Staff regarding Outpost 25 and Maxis' capture.

On June 15th, 1984, Omega's dimensional breach at Outpost 25 released a massive burst of Aetherium which created a lethal phasic barrier around the area, turning mostly everyone present into zombies or other creatures. The same day, Requiem would undertake Operation Lost Property, infiltrating a nearby Village that served as barracks for Omega personnel. Ravenov himself was also present at the village, where he had sealed himself away safely during the initial outbreak. Through a teleporter at the Village, the Strike Team made their way to the Outpost itself. Peck had also survived the outbreak, and the Strike Team, under Weaver's command, were reluctantly forced to help him restore power in exchange for Maxis - unknowingly transferring Peck's research back to Omega's headquarters. The Strike Team would make a truth serum and use it against Peck, who unwillingly revealed he threw Samantha into the Dark Aether. The serum would eventually wear off and Peck would trick the Strike Team into disrupting the dimensional rift, causing all electronics in the phase to be disabled. Using a Dimensional Disruptor Satellite, Requiem opened a new breach at the Outpost that allowed Samantha to escape. She and the Strike Team fled back to the Village and defeated an Orda before they were able to exfiltrate.

When Maxis returned to Requiem's HQ, she was immediately placed under quarantine. Physically and seemingly mentally changed by her time in the Dark Aether, Weaver personally deemed her unfit to return to the field and was kept at Requiem's HQ for several months.

Operation Threshold[]

Beginning on June 20th, 1984, Weaver led Operation Threshold in the Ural Mountains, sending several Strike Teams to complete various objectives that would help Requiem gain a technological advantage over Omega Group. During this time, Weaver also takes time to visit Maxis. Hoping it would help comfort her, Weaver decided to give Samantha a female Rottweiler to keep her company. She would name the dog Notso Fluffy.

"One thing you are not is stupid. But I also don't think you're a traitor. Which is why I'm taking the heat on this one. No one upstairs is aware of your role in Sam's little side operation, and that's how it'll stay. As long as you never fucking cross me again. Understood?"
— Weaver to Grey.

Despite her isolation, Weaver would be visited by the other members of Requiem's senior staff - most notably Grey. She would form a special relationship with her, gaining her trust. On November 16th, with the help of Ravenov, who had acquired a listening device designed by Valentina based on the Beacon mechanism used by Requiem's team to navigate through the Ural Outbreak Zone, and the help of Grey and her comms protocols, Maxis established a covert and secure communication line with Requiem's Strike Team without Weaver's knowledge. Maxis would have the Strike Team travel to Ruka to meet with Ravenov, where they disposed of Omega's Inversion Warheads. Immediately following this, Requiem's senior staff held a meeting regarding the incident. When the meeting concluded, Weaver demanded Grey speak to him privately. Furious, he confronted Grey and scolded her for allowing Maxis access to her comms; warning her never to cross him again.

Enraged and upset at Maxis commandeering his troops without telling him, Weaver stormed into Maxis' room and berated her for her actions. While Samantha tried to defend herself, claiming it was the right thing to do, Weaver retorted that she was told to simply care for the rottweiler. She was then banned from her walks and once again confined to her quarters, Weaver claiming someone else would walk the dog. Sometime after, he recorded a message directed towards the Colonel of Omega Group, Lev Kravchenko. Still seeking revenge for their encounter at Baikonur, Weaver threatened Kravchenko by reminding him of the old saying "an eye for an eye" telling him to think long and hard about what else besides an eye he might cut from him - sarcastically telling him: "sweet dreams, fucker".

Later, Sergei Ravenov contacts Weaver through Maxis' secret radio channel, requesting Requiem's help in extracting the "Omega Eight", a group of Omega scientists who wish to defect following the failure of Operatsiya Inversiya. Despite being angry at his and Maxis' actions and secrecy, he agrees to help carry out the operation. Meanwhile, Richtofen decided that Maxis was to undergo additional testing after her time spent in the Dark Aether. Weaver would be present on December 1st when she was dragged screaming out of her room to be transported to Block 8. He would later have the Strike Team meet up with Ravenov and the Omega Eight at Sanatorium on December 14th. Unfortunately, it was a trap set up by Kravchenko and Doctor Hugo Jager to eliminate the defectors and capture the strike team - Raptor One and the Strike Team being shot out of the air and captured personally by Kravchenko. This would seemingly take an emotional toll on Weaver, who would be visited by Mackenzie Carver to try to cheer him up. A day after, Weaver would write a report regarding the incident to Richtofen.

On January 19th, 1985, Grey wrote a memorandum to the other heads of Requiem and Weaver asking where her robot, Klaus, had gone. She talked about the Director tasking her with the creation of Klaus, and telling whoever "stole" the robot that if they thought it was ready to use in the field, that they had "bitten off more they can chew", thanks to Klaus' weak grasp of human interaction. Weaver got back to Grey, telling her to delete any record of the memorandum. He also informed her that the Director himself had taken Klaus for use in Berlin and that something was happening. He would also send Grey and encrypted message about Maxis, stating that he was doing everything he could to help Maxis and that he cared for her too.

East Berlin[]

Later in January, news breaks of an outbreak occurring in East Berlin. Omega scientist Aleksandra Valentina had revealed herself to be the long-lost daughter of Endstation scientist Ulrich Vogel, and was planning to release a Nazi army from within the Dark Aether. Fortunately, Requiem manages to evacuate the city and create a cover story involving a nerve gas leak. Carver and Weaver would discuss the situation, where Weaver revealed he was disallowed from taking action by the Director, who wishes to take matters into his own hands - specifically, allowing the Strike Team and Klaus to kill Valentina themselves under Kravchenko's command.

The Strike Team would be deployed in East Berlin by Kravchenko on February 2nd as part of an effort to kill Valentina and close the portal to the Dark Aether she had opened. With Klaus' help, they manage to create a makeshift Inversion Warhead and do battle against Valentina in her new "ascended" form. After defeating Valentina, they used her essence to power the Warhead, sending Klaus into the Dark Aether and detonating it as to close the portal and destroy part of the Dark Aether army within. The Strike Team and Raptor One would be briefly freed, before Kravchenko betrayed them and tried to kill them all. Fortunately, Weaver assisted in Maxis' exfiltration of the Requiem personnel by opening a portal in Berlin. When she collapsed to the ground in exhaustion, Weaver and Notso were there to comfort her. At the same time, they were all being unknowingly observed by Richtofen who was in the process of writing a memo about Project Janus.

The Forsaken Threat[]

After Valentina's defeat, outbreak zones appeared in both Algeria and the North Atlantic in March, with the Strike Team being deployed to help contain. During this, Weaver sent a message to the Strike Team congratulating them for their courage and commitment, even during their capture by Omega. He also talked about Maxis' testing with the Director in Block 8, asking the Team to support Maxis if she ever returned to the field.

On April 29th, Weaver would get a call from Carver at home, talking to him about the Director and his ongoing research to find out who he is. During Carver's research, he learned that before leading Requiem he was an Associate Deputy Director at the "Office of Extra-Regular Activities" which specialized in clandestine sciences. He then makes an offhand comment about the Director possibly wiretapping his communications, before abruptly realizing this is most likely the case. He would then state he was "just joking" in an attempt to cover his tracks before hanging up. A day later, the Director requested a transcript of this conversation from wiretap B-14 which led to Carver's home line.

Weaver later called in the Requiem senior staff to a meeting to discuss the events that transpired in Berlin. He also talked about The Forsaken and his imminent invasion from the Dark Aether into their world. Weaver then told the senior staff that freeing Kazimir Zykov, a lost Russian soldier in the Dark Aether who had been speaking to the Strike Team, would be in their best interests, using him as a potential ally against the Forsaken. This would be the foundation of Operation First Domino - Requiem's last push against Omega.

Operation First Domino[]

In early May, Ravenov contacted Weaver and revealed that he had information regarding Operatsiya Izbavitel, Omega's attempt to rescue Zykov, and its location in the Zakarpatska Oblast. He had sent a courier to a Requiem dead drop in Madrid with documents hoping that with Requiem's Director knowing of the communication, Maxis would be released in exchange. Weaver would tell Ravenov he shouldn't have contacted him, with the chance that doing so would "land [his] ass in a six-by-four at Dreamland". Weaver would later attempt to turn one of the computers that Zykov had been using to talk to the Strike Team. Succeeding, he would introduce himself to Zykov and speak to him. In their conversation, Weaver would ask Zykov if he would side with Requiem if they rescued him first, to which Zykov agreed.

On June 3rd, Weaver and Carver had one final conversation before the Requiem Strike Team would undertake Operation First Domino. During the conversation, Carver reminisced on "The Stick" he gained during the Vietnam War; and how he had gained a new one during the fight against Omega and the Dark Aether's forces. He then asked Weaver what would happen to them after this was finished, where Weaver responded: "One day at a time, Mac.". He would also call Maxis to check up on her, asking her to stand down as they both knew what happens when they acted impulsively. Maxis would correctly assume he was referring to the incident in Iran, for which she would comfort Weaver by saying that what happened wasn't his fault, with Weaver stating vice-versa.

A day later, the Strike Team was deployed to Test Site Anna, where a Dark Aether outbreak had recently occurred accidentally thanks to Peck and Kravchenko's efforts to rescue Zykov first. Weaver, along with the rest of the Senior Staff, would be witness to Zykov's return to their world at the Town Square - and his reveal as the Forsaken. As the Forsaken attempted to consume their world, Maxis manifested and distracted the Forsaken while the Strike Team built an Aetherium Neutralizer to reach Town Square. Afterwards, the Strike Team and Maxis would battle the Forsaken using a set of Aetherium Cannons that Omega had built, as well as the Chrysalax - a Dark Aether weapon crafted by an entity seeking revenge against the Forsaken. The Forsaken, before being defeated fully, would unleash his full power and summon a vortex releasing his army from the Dark Aether. Suddenly, Maxis faced the Forsaken and told him that their world was not his to consume. Weaver warned her not to do whatever it was she was planning, but Maxis solemnly told him that it was the only way before flying into the vortex - weakening the Forsaken and closing the outbreak zones across the globe. The Forsaken would be captured, and the fight was seemingly over. Weaver would witness as the outbreak zones across the globe dissipated, relaxing in his chair and thanking Sam for her sacrifice. However, he, along with the rest of Requiem's senior staff, would be arrested by military police as part of Richtofen's plans for Project Janus.


At some point, Weaver and the rest of the senior staff would escape and hide in Zaravan, Urzikstan where they used an Aetherium device, leading to their death.

Over 30 years later, Victor Zakhaev would learn about the existence of Aetherium, and the conflict between Requiem and Omega Group. Looking to use Aetherium as a weapon, Zakhaev, accompanied by Terminus Outcomes mercenaries, tracked Weaver's last location and discovered the mummified corpses, before retrieving two Aetherium vials from the device.


  • "We can do this all day! We've got plenty of windows!"
  • "We have to stop him NOW!!
  • "You want to die with him? Your choice!"
  • "Grab your ass, we've got a fight on our hands!
  • "Mason, it's over. We've won."


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War[]


Name Rarity Image How to obtain
Breacher Legendary Breacher Skin Weaver BOCW Eternal Strike Reactive Bundle
Kremlin's Eye Legendary KremlinEye Skin Weaver BOCW Tracer Pack: Weaver Operator Bundle
Crystallized Ultra Weaver Crystallized Skin Requiem Reconnaissance Bundle
Disciple of the Dark Aether Ultra Weaver Disciple of the Dark Aether Skin Part of "Disciple of the Mayhem" Skin
Operator Mission
Disciple of Mayhem Ultra Weaver Disciple of Mayhem Skin Tracer Pack: Disciple of Chaos Ultra Skin Bundle


Call of Duty: Black Ops[]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4[]

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War[]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III[]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6[]


  • Until 1977, Weaver didn't know he still had a blood relative that survived the Great Purge. Unknown to him, Kristina, daughter of his sister Olga, is a GRU agent, and a double-agent who works for the CIA.
    • According to Ryan Jackson's emails, Weaver approached Jackson shortly after X tipped him, to ask for his help to dig up what info can be found for Kristina; but Jackson's superior, Richard Kain, told Jackson to feed Weaver whatever "to get him off his back".
  • Weaver has been misled by Mason's reports from Vietnam and even believed that Reznov was with Mason, stating at the end of Rebirth that they had to find Reznov.
  • Obtainable intel states that Weaver is a gifted engineer.
  • His Russian accent throughout the Black Ops series varies; in Black Ops, the most notable example being in "WMD" in which he states "RPG on the Ridge!" in a deep Russian accent; however, earlier on in the level, he states "Ready when you are" with an American accent.
    • In Black Ops 4, Weaver has a light Russian accent for most of his dialogues in Blackout.
    • In Black Ops Cold War, Weaver speaks with a full American accent. The playable Weaver operator, however, maintains a heavy Russian accent.
  • In most trailers, Weaver can be seen without an eyepatch in WMD, which means he didn't have an eye-patch in early production.
  • One of Weaver's nicknames is "Cyclops", a reference to his having only one eye as the mythical creature did.
  • He shares a birthday with Bowman.
  • In the mission "Old Wounds" in Black Ops II, when Woods stabs Kravchenko during the interrogation, he references Weaver by saying "You believe in an eye for an eye, huh?".
  • Weaver's personal information in the Numbers and Redemption cutscenes detail that he was born in Portland, Oregon even though the intel says that he was born in Russia.
  • The "Kremlin's Eye" operator skin for Weaver is based on his first appearance in Call of Duty: Black Ops, when he first encountered Lev Kravchenko and lost his eye.
  • Weaver's blood type is A+.


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