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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

"The Russians have it locked down. They're kicking our ass! We can't get through!"
— Grizzly in "Black Tuesday"

Captain Grizzly is an officer and Delta Force leader of Team Anvil in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


Assisting Team Metal

His team, consisting of Thumper and Worm, was first defending the mid-town area of the city, but later headed for the New York Stock Exchange help destroy the jammer and call in air support to stop the Russians who are overwhelming the American forces. Grizzly and his team assist Team Metal in fighting to the New York Stock Exchange and proceed to separate from Metal, as Grizzly volunteers his team to defend the entrance, to ensure the Russian Forces outside do not gain access to the building. His team apparently is overrun, but they manage to hold off the Russians long enough to prevent them from having a major impact on Metal's mission, as they are already heading upstairs to the Jammer when they are overrun and the enemy gains access to the building. Despite this, Anvil survives.

Grizzly is the Battle Captain that informs Overlord about a battle's progress throughout the game. He is the one that links up Overlord with Metal and figures out the position of the Russian jammer. This implies he is either an aide to Overlord, or was simply picked to inform Overlord about the jammer.

He is heard again at the beginning of "Hunter Killer" where he informs Overlord about the American counterattack being effective and providing information about the Russian submarine. He is heard again, for the last time in the game, at the beginning of "Scorched Earth" where he links up Alena Vorshevsky's call to Delta Force.


  • Grizzly's appearance is randomized.
  • When Frost is in the helicopter, the player can see Grizzly and the rest of his team still in front of the building they had entered earlier.