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Groph BO3
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops
Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Rank Head Scientist of Griffin Station
Leader of Group 935 (after The Giant, Deceptio Fracture)
Affiliations Flag of Nazi Germany Nazi Germany
Group 935
Edward Richtofen
Nationality Flag of Nazi Germany German
Status K.I.A
Killed By Primis with rockets
Death November 5th, 1945, Griffin Station, near side of the Moon
Sex Male
Hair Grey (Balding)
Eyes Brown
Race Caucasian
Voice Actor Steve Blum[1]
Level Moon (radios only)
Der Eisendrache
Gorod Krovi (mentioned only)
"I have a very good memory. At least, that is what Richtofen's said on more than one occasion. Myself, I am not so sure. Recent events have led me to conclude that exposure to the MPD may in fact be corrupting and clouding our cognitive processes. Speaking to my own, personal experiences, I'm reminded that I had a dream about Maxis’s daughter, Samantha. The child may have been a frequent visitor to Eagle’s Nest, but the idea that she could be here on Griffin Station, the Moon, defies explanation. It is essential that we re-establish contact with Eagle’s Nest in order to fully understand our current... predicament."
— Groph in a radio found in Der Eisendrache

Dr. Groph is a character that is mentioned in the radios found in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies map, Moon and is the main antagonist in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies map, Der Eisendrache.

He was a Group 935 scientist that was appointed as the head scientist at Griffin Station, and was assigned the task of discovering how the M.P.D. worked. He is Schuster's superior. He has very good memory according to Richtofen, although Groph is not sure about that statement. After discovering the M.P.D.'s capability, he was assigned with Schuster to fill up the machine with souls, by killing various people. After receiving confirmation from Richtofen about his plan to get rid of Doctor Maxis and his daughter, Groph proceeded to carry out Security Protocol 935. However, moments after, he and Schuster discover Samantha had been teleported to Griffin Station and ended up trapped inside the MPD. Groph then informs Richtofen of the situation, and is instructed to retrieve Maxis. When Maxis dies before Samantha's eyes, she takes over control of the zombies, leaving Groph and Schuster, and the rest of Group 935 on the Moon, at her mercy.

In the Origins timeline, Samantha was not teleported to the Moon, but the events from before bled into Groph's mind as a lingering thought. Two weeks after receiving reports of Richtofen's death, he then assumes control as Group 935's new leader. When he contacts Eagle's Nest, he was greeted by the Origins timeline's Richtofen, not knowing of the situation at Der Riese, nor the fact that he wasn't talking to the same Richtofen. Groph, however, becomes suspicious of Richtofen's sudden change of personality before saying he must do whatever it takes to prevent him from escaping Griffin Castle alive. When the rocket containing the Original timeline Dempsey crashes by Richtofen and the crew, Groph is furious and threatened to kill Richtofen along with the other three. Richtofen, however decided to get rid of loose ends by blowing up the Moon, thus killing Groph and destroying Griffin Station.



  • Groph was apparently obsessed with American women, according to a quote said by the original Richtofen during the Moon Easter egg.


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