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Ground Control is a Zombie-related gameplay achievement/trophy available in Moon. It requires the player to prevent each Excavator from breaching the base in one game.

In Zombies Chronicles, the achievement is worth 15Gamerscore and is a Bronze Bronze Trophy PS3 icon trophy.


The achievement/trophy is completed by taking the Hacker to the initial starting room that players are teleported to immediately after leaving the Receiving Area. Stowed away in the corners of the room are consoles that the player can hack in order to prevent the excavator from breaching the bases integrity.

The power must be turned on for this. After the first time it activates, it is completely random as to when the next will breach. As long as the player can make it back to the starting area within the 240 second countdown, they will be able to quickly hack the console, thus preventing the excavator from breaching the base.

If players look out of the windows after hacking, they will notice the excavator pulling away from the base, signifying they have completed the achievement/trophy.

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