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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
For a similarly named equipment, see Jammer.

Ground Jammer is a 12-point Support Pointstreak available in Call of Duty: GhostsWhen activated it destroys and disables all enemy ground electronic killstreaks currently on the field (SAT COMs, IMS's, Sentry Guns, etc.), and then places a 10 second 9-Bang effect on players, disabling the reticle of any electronic-based sights. It does not stop Guard Dogs, Ammo Crates, Ballistic Vests, MAAWS, and Support Squadmates, which are not electronically based.

It should be noted that the Ground Jammer will instantly detonate any currently placed I.E.D.s and C4s that belong to the enemy, and the detonation is within the control of the player, making it so that any enemy can be killed by the I.E.D (not just the person that placed it down), friendly players cannot be killed by the explosion in Core game modes, and that the player that used the Ground Jammer will be killed due to Ricochet damage in Hardcore game modes if the explosive damage would otherwise kill a teammate.


  • The Ground Jammer does not jam enemy Oracles.
  • The Tac Resist Perk prevents the Reticles and the Minimap from being disabled when the ground jammer is activated. This is likely because the effects are the same as the 9-Bang EMP but last twice as long.

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