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Gryphon Two-Seven was the callsign of the Marine Sea Knight helicopter sent in to extract John "Soap" MacTavish and Bravo Team from Al-Asad's village. Troops assigned to the helicopter were the remaining troops in the 1st Force Recon Division, who were the only members who were not in the area when Al-Asad's nuke was detonated, including SSgt. Griggs.

Though the initial plan was to land at Al-Asad's farm atop the hill, eventually they were forced to land at the bottom of the hill due to the presence of SAM sites around the mountains overlooking the farm. After fighting their way back down the mountain, Bravo Team was safely extracted by the helicopter which had landed at the dilapidated gas station where the team was originally inserted.


Gryphon Two Seven Landing on the Mission "Heat"

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