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Wolf Skin Guard Dog CoDG.jpg|Concept presentation of the Wolf skin.
Wolf Skin Guard Dog CoDG.jpg|Concept presentation of the Wolf skin.
Guard Dog pointstreak ready CoDG.png
Guard Dog pointstreak ready CoDG.png
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"Man's best friend watching your back."
— Description.

Guard Dog is a pointstreak available in Call of Duty: Ghosts. When activated, a dog will spawn, and follow the player similarly to the AH-6 Overwatch. It has more health than a regular player. When enemies are near, it will growl, notifying the player of enemies close by. When enemies are too close to it or the player, it will take them down in a single attack.



  • When the player calls in the Guard Dog, instead of pressing a button on a small touchscreen, the player will perform a whistling animation.
  • Players cannot have more than one Dog at any time, nor can one team have more than 3.
  • Knifing the Guard Dog will not kill it, unless it's already been wounded a certain amount.
  • The Guard Dog does not have a timed life span; it remains on the field until it is killed.
  • When it gets hit by an equipment, it will flip on its back and roll sideways.
  • The Throwing Knife kills the Guard Dog in one hit.
  • The Guard Dog cannot take down players holding a riot shield in front of them. It takes around five hits from the shield to kill a dog.
  • It takes 4 attacks to bring down a Juggernaut and 3 to take down someone with Ballistic Vests[1]
  • When two opposing Guard Dogs come across each other, they will jump at each other, but cannot kill each other. Both will continue jumping until one of them gets killed.
  • When the player/owner gets killed, but then the Dog kills the enemy that killed its owner, the player/owner will get a "Martyr-Dog" bonus.
  • If any Guard Dog is gunned down and any player quickly kills the enemy that killed the dog, the player gets the "Best Friend-etta" bonus.
  • It is possible to have a Guard Dog and Support Squadmate on the field at the same time, if the player is lucky enough to obtain a care package with the appropriate streak.
  • The Guard Dog will drown in the water on Flooded.
  • The Guard Dog has a wolf skin available as downloadable content.[2]


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