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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode
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"The shield is hot! It burns mein skin! DOESN'T IT COME WITH GLOVES?!"
Edward Richtofen

The Guard of Fafnir, also known as the Dragon Shield, is a buildable in Call of Duty: Black Ops III on the Zombies maps Gorod Krovi and Revelations. It is the maps' version of the Zombie Shield and Rocket Shield.

Obtaining the Guard of Fafnir[]

Gorod Krovi[]

Part Spawn Area Spawn Locations
Guard of Fafnir Dragon Visage Piece BO3 Infirmary ·At the top of the Operations Bunker staircase, look slightly left. Between two small crates next to the large broken bookshelf, on the floor.

·On the right bunk bed of the two bunk beds directly touching the side of the staircase going to Stamin-Up.
·When facing the Stamin-Up machine, look left. On debris under the leftmost of 3 broken windows on the green wall.

Guard of Fafnir Core Piece BO3 Multilevel Store and Operations Bunker ·On a wooden chair in the Juggernog room, next to the desk lit by a lamp.

·On the door of the truck carrying blue barrels, downstairs from the Department Store but before entering the Operations Bunker. This truck is on the left side of the area, opposite the GobbleGum Machine.
·On a shelf touching the wall in the Operations Bunker, to the right of the switch that turns on the Electric Trap and before the staircase leading up to the Infirmary.

Guard of Fafnir Maw Piece BO3 Armory ·Beside the Wunderfizz machine on the lowest level of the Armory, hanging on a large piece of wooden floor debris.

·When going upstairs in the Armory, directly past the doorway next to the GobbleGum Machine here, hanging on a wall next to the metal doorway which leads to the Supply Depot. 
·On the highest level of the Armory, hanging on the side of a crate directly ahead when walking upstairs. This is on the far right along same wall as the Bridge switch.


Part Spawn Area Spawn Locations
Guard of Fafnir Dragon Visage Piece BO3 Origins ·When entering the Origins area from the House (spawn area), to the left of some wooden crates directly to the left of the GobbleGum Machine.

·Go past the GobbleGum Machine taking the left (straight ahead) path. Directly before the Pharo wallbuy, a broken down truck will light up a large Group 935 crate where it will be hanging on the side.
·Walk past the Pharo wallbuy and turn right. Drop down towards the possible Wunderfizz spawn location, and look straight ahead. It will be sitting on a chair across from the Der Wunderfizz next to some shelves.

Guard of Fafnir Core Piece BO3 Verrückt ·On a column as soon as the player exits the jump pad from Kino der Toten to Verrückt. This spawn has the orange glowing centerpiece hidden, so it will only show the skeletal bone reverse side.

·Go up the stairs next to Speed Cola, when at the top walk straight ahead at the hole in the wall zombies can come through, then turn left to see it on a turned over wheelchair in the corner. This spawn has the orange glowing centerpiece visible, making it easier to spot than others if it spawns here.
·On the table in the center of the Kitchen upstairs. This spawn has the orange glowing centerpiece hidden, so it will only show the skeletal bone reverse side.

Guard of Fafnir Maw Piece BO3 Der Eisendrache All three spawn locations require Anti-Gravity to be enabled. To activate, all four square panels on the floor surrounding the Pyramid must be stood upon for approximately 4 seconds so that they persist glowing blue. It will periodically turn off, and reactivate approximately every 2-4 minutes.

·High up on a wall very close to the VMP wallbuy. Turn around and look at the metal plate on the wall that details locations from Der Eisendrache, and look straight up on the same wall.

·High up on the wall directly above 2 Primis statues embedded into the wall, which are located halfway between the VMP wallbuy and the Pyramid itself, on the left.
·High up and to the left on the same wall the GobbleGum machine is situated against, next to some small lights held by cables. From ground level, it will be above the small black desk.


The Guard of Fafnir can be equipped to defend the player's front and perform a melee attack, defend from the Dragon's fire breath, as well as damaged caused by the Gigant Eye Beam Trap. The shield also features a melee attack which sends out a giant green fireball to damage zombies. It can be used a total of three times, similar to the Rocket Boost from the Rocket Shield. One charge is replenished per round, and is additionally filled by Max Ammo.

The fireball attack is very effective against Manglers and Valkyrie Drones, destroying them in a single shot despite their armor.

Tiamat's Maw[]

Specifically on Gorod Krovi, it is possible to upgrade the Guard of Fafnir into the Tiamat's Maw by completing three objectives on the map. In co-op, progress towards obtaining this upgrade is shared between all players. If one player obtains this upgrade, it is unlocked for all players in the game by visiting the workbench where the Guard of Fafnir was crafted and picking the shield up again, even if one still possesses a Guard of Fafnir.

There are three tasks must be performed, with the first two able to be done in either order:

  1. Survive the dragon's fire for the entire duration a minimum of two times with the shield held in front the whole time without stepping out of the area set on fire. The player must be already in the area that will be set ablaze before the fire appears, ready with their shield. An audio cue will be heard only if this was done after completing the second or third objective.[1]
  2. Kill 50 zombies with the shield collectively. Players may use either the melee or fireball attack for this. Once this is done, an audio cue will be heard.
  3. After at least the kills objective is completed, this objective becomes available. Three purple glowing inscription symbols written horizontally that are now found around the map need to be shot with the Guard of Fafnir's fireball attack. In co-op, all players can see these symbols once they are available for at least one player, and shooting them can be divided up for hitting them all, all players do not need to hit all three. The symbol locations are as follows:
  • One symbol can be found at the Dragon Command Center, stand on the left metal staircase/platform as if you were going to get on the dragon and look left.
  • The second symbol can be found at the Supply Depot, opposite to the ramp leading up to Speed Cola. Look up, at the broken roof.
  • The third symbol can be found at the Tank Factory, stand on the right metal staircase/platform as if you were going to get on the dragon, and look right, on the shoulder of the fallen Giant Robot.
    • If players lack fireballs to perform this step, they do not need to wait. Upon the Guard of Fafnir being destroyed by zombies, picking it up again from the workbench where it was built will fully refresh the player's fireball charges every time.

After this is done, the shield must be placed in the remains of the dead dragon in Belinski Square, close to the tombstones that track Trials. Hold the Interact button, and the shield will be dipped in the puddle of blood and will come out upgraded as the Tiamat's Maw. It is automatically equipped with 3 full charges of fireballs and fully replenished durability.

  • The player dipping the shield into the dragon remains does not need to stand near it to claim manually, it is put back into the inventory after several seconds no matter how far away they are at that time.
  • Even though the shield is physically placed within the remains, the shield actually remains on the player's back, temporarily unable to be held in front, but it will still protect players from zombies. Even if it breaks during this brief time, the upgraded shield will automatically replace it.
  • Only one player needs to insert the shield into the dragon remains in Belinski Square. Once unlocked, all other players can now simply pick up the Tiamat's Maw by visiting the workbench where it was crafted where it will be available the rest of the game.

The Tiamat's Maw will shoot red fireballs instead of green, and has drastically increased durability, taking 35 hits from zombies to be destroyed. Players will still need to pull out the shield in front of them to be immune to fire breathed by the Dragon.



  • Tiamat and Fafnir are legendary dragons in ancient religions. Fafnir is from Norse Mythology, as the son of a dwarf cursed for his greed. Tiamat is the Mesopotamian goddess of the oceans.