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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode
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"The shield is hot! It burns mein skin! DOESN'T IT COME WITH GLOVES?!"
Edward Richtofen

The Guard of Fafnir, also known as the Dragon Shield, is a buildable in Call of Duty: Black Ops III on the Zombies maps Gorod Krovi and Revelations. It is the maps' version of the Zombie Shield and Rocket Shield.

Obtaining the Guard of Fafnir

Gorod Krovi

Part Spawn Area Spawn Locations
Guard of Fafnir Dragon Visage Piece BO3.png Infirmary ·On the floor, next to a broken bookshelf, above the Operations Bunker.

·On a bunk bed beside the stairs going to Stamin-Up.
·In front of the Stamin-Up machine, on the green wall.

Guard of Fafnir Core Piece BO3.png Multilevel Store and Operations Bunker ·On a chair in the Juggernog room, next to the desk lamp.

·On the door of the truck carrying blue barrels, downstairs from the Department Store.
·On a shelf in the Operations Bunker, between the electric trap and the staircase going to the Infirmary.

Guard of Fafnir Maw Piece BO3.png Armory ·Beside the Wunderfizz machine on the lowest level of the Armory.

·Hanging on a wall next to the metal doorway which leads to the Supply Depot. 
·On the highest level of the Armory, on a crate.


Part Spawn Area Spawn Locations
Guard of Fafnir Dragon Visage Piece BO3.png Origins ·On the left wall in the trench when exiting the jump pad from the House to the Origins area,

·On a crate with the Group 935 symbol and lantern on top.
·On a chair across from the Wunderfizz location.

Guard of Fafnir Core Piece BO3.png Verrückt ·On a column as soon as the player exits the jump pad from Kino der Toten to Verrückt.

·On a wheel chair as soon as the player goes up the stairs approaching the power room, in the corner looking toward Kino der Toten.
·On the table in the Kitchen across from the Power room.

Guard of Fafnir Maw Piece BO3.png Der Eisendrache · In the anti-gravity area in the Der Eisendrache site. It is on the concrete block behind the pyramid.

·The second possible spot will be on the same wall, but on a different side.
·The final spawn location will be along the main wall.


The shield can be equipped to defend the player's front and perform a melee attack, as well as defend from the Dragon's fire breath as well as damaged caused by the Gigant Eye Beam Trap. The shield also features a melee attack which sends out a giant green fireball to damage zombies. It can be used a total of three times, similar to the rocket boost from the Rocket Shield.

Tiamat's Maw

It's possible to upgrade it into the Tiamat's Maw by completing two of the trials on the map Gorod Krovi: one is to survive the dragon's fire for its entire duration, a minimum of two times with the shield on them.[1] An audio cue will be heard when this is done. The other challenge is to kill around 50 zombies with the shield; the player may use either the melee or fireball attack for this. Once this is done, another audio cue will be heard.

The second step is to shoot three symbols that are around the map, with the Guard of Fafnir. One can be found at the Dragon Command Center, to the left side of the left hangar, on a wall. Another can be found at the Supply Depot, opposite to the ramp. The third can be found at the Tank Factory, on the right shoulder of the fallen robot near the hangar.

After this is done, the shield must be placed in the remains of the dead dragon in the spawn room. The shield will be dipped in the puddle of blood and will come out upgraded. The upgraded shield will shoot red fire instead of green, and have increased durability.



  • Tiamat and Fafnir are legendary dragons in ancient religions. Fafnir is from Norse Mythology, as the son of a dwarf cursed for his greed. Tiamat is the Mesopotamian goddess of the oceans.