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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

"Decades after fires charred this forgotten mining town, the red rock canyon gains new shades of red as a mid-sized Multiplayer Map in which the surrounding mountains, mine shafts, and equipment sheds craft a perfect setting for combat."
— Official Description on the Call of Duty ELITE Content Calendar

Gulch is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It is part of Content Pack 9 for Call of Duty ELITE subscribers. Gulch is layed out in a very balanced fashion, with very few sharp corners, giving it an uncanny resemblance to the multiplayer map Village. Most of the fighting is concentrated to the stream that cuts through the map, with several overwatch points towards the higher levels of the map. Most of Gulch (with the exception of the collection of buildings on one edge of the map) is built to accomadate mid to long range engagements, so Assult Rifles, LMGs and Sniper Rifles should be particularily effective.

Survival Mode

Players start with a USP.45, 2 Frags and 2 Flashbangs, and 250 Body Armor as though it has a difficulty of Regular similar to Tier 2 maps and some DLC maps Decommission, Piazza and Liberation.




  • A large theropod dinosaur is present and under excavation in one of the cliff sides. It has the body shape and stature on geographical territory of an Allosaurus.
  • There is a large teddy bear on the opposite side of the canyon on the south end of the map. It can be observed with a sniper scope.
  • Outside of the map north-northwest, there is a outcrop of cacti. One cactus is in the shape of a running man with a blossom on the top.
  • Near the edge of the map, a dead dog can be found.