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For the achievement in Black Ops II, see Gun Nut (Black Ops II).

Gun Nut is an achievement/trophy in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It requires the player to scan 22 out 28 total equippable weapons. The six weapons not required are the NV4, Kendall 44, FHR-40, EBR-800, DMR-1 and Combat Knife.


Black SkyEdit

Operation Port ArmorEdit

Operation Taken DaggerEdit

  • DCM-8 (additionally to this one, it also spawns in the first armory of the later Operation Burn Water)
  • R3K
  • P-LAW (mission item)

Operation PhoenixEdit

  • HVR (randomized chance of dropping from the very first two SDF scouts encountered; reload checkpoints until it spawns)

Operation D-ConEdit

Operation Deep ExecuteEdit

Operation Burn WaterEdit

Operation Black FlagEdit

  • Titan (found in the final armory; directly ahead in a broken-off section of a crashed ship. Also spawns in several shipping containers during the assault on the Olympus Mons.)


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