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gweaver is the user for Grigori "Greg" Weaver who has an account on the CIA data system.


The gweaver account uses a non-secure password, gedeon.


Typing the command MAIL opens Weaver's mail account. It then shows a list of messages exactly as follows:

ID From Date Subject
0 Sarah Leary Friday, February 18, 1966 Alex
1 Alex Mason Friday, February 18, 1966 RE: Proposition For You
2 Jason Hudson Monday, June 19, 1967 PIC
3 Richard Kain Monday, February 11, 1967 AM
4 Jason Hudson Monday, February 11, 1967 Yamantau
5 Jason Hudson Friday, February 22, 1967 Mason
6 Ryan Jackson Monday, August 12, 1968 Cupcakes
7 Ryan Jackson Thursday, November 27, 1977 RE: Kristina Raskova


From: Leary, Sarah
To: Weaver, Grigori
Date/Time: Friday, February 18, 1966
Subject: Alex
I can't believe I let you talk me into drinks with that psycho Alex Mason. All night, it was "Dragovich" this and "Reznov" that, Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, like he was completely cuckoo. If I didn't know any better, I'd think the guy was a Communist sympathizer or a complete schizo. He needs professional help not a date. I appreciate you're trying to help out a friend, but don't do it at my expense.



RE: Proposition For You

From: Mason, Alex
To: Weaver, Grigori
Date/Time: Friday, February 18, 1966
Subject: RE: Proposition

Thanks for the set up. It went great. No doubt Sarah is at the local precinct filing a restraining order with the cops. Do me a favor -- don't do me any favors.



From: Hudson, Jason
To: Weaver, Grigori
Date/Time: Monday, June 19, 1967
Subject: PIC

Intel confirms it's significant (not the memorial).



From: Kain, Richard
To: Weaver, Grigori
Date/Time: Monday, February 11, 1967
Subject: AM
Mr. Weaver

I would appreciate if you ceased to use this system to communicate with me. You can schedule a meeting with my secretary and according to my availabilty.

Thank you,



From: Hudson, Jason
To: Weaver, Grigori
Date/Time: Monday, February 11, 1967
Subject: Yamantau
CC: Brooks, Terrance; Harris, Bruce

As some of you may have already heard, we're shipping out on 16 Feb for a classified black operation in the heart of the Soviet Union. There will be a full briefing in ADDO/SAD Richard Kain's office at 2pm sharp.

Be there on time or you answer to me.



From: Hudson, Jason
To: Weaver, Grigori
Date/Time: Friday, February 22, 1967
Subject: Mason

I understand your concerns, but he's one of ours. Whatever happened to him is not his fault and it's our duty to bring him back and use whatever knowledge he has to bring Dragovich down. I don't care if he wears his grandma's underwear, calls himself God, drools on himself, we're going to get the info we need and then we're going to see to it he gets some help.

You don't like it, too bad. This is how it's going to play.



From: Jackson, Ryan
To: Weaver, Grigori
Date/Time: Monday, August 12, 1968
Subject: Cupcakes

Hello everyone,

My lovely wife Bridget, the saint that she is, got up at the crack of dawn and made cupcakes. She coerced me into bringing them into the office to share with all of you. They'll be in the coffee room while supplies last.

WARNING: Only 1 cupcake per person. The room is monitored. Don't make me sic the SAD on you. That goes double for you Stanz and Sutton.

-- Ryan

RE: Kristina Raskova

From: Jackson, Ryan
To: Weaver, Grigori
Date/Time: Thursday, November 27, 1977
Subject: RE: Kristina Raskova
Dear Mr. Weaver,

Regarding your inquiry into the whereabouts of your Kristina Raskova, allow me to offer my condolences for your current situation. I wish I could do more to help. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the information you require. I have, however, forwarded your request to my direct report in the hopes that he can better gauge an appropriate means of action.

My apologies for being unable to process your request. Pass on my thanks to Mr. Hudson for the reference. Perhaps at a later date I can be of better service.


Ryan Jackson

Chief Analyst, APLAA


Typing the command DIR opens Weaver's home directory /home/gweaver/, which contains 15 files.


But as we see against some storm

A silence in the heavens, the rack stand still

The bold winds speechless, and the orb below

As hush as death, anon the dreadful thunder

Doth rend the region. So, after Pyrrhus' pause,

Aroused vengeance sets him new a-work

And never did the Cyclops' hammers fall

On Mars's armor forged for proof eterne

With less remorse than Pyrrhus' bleeding sword

Now falls on Priam

Out, out, thou strumpet Fortune! All you gods

In general synod take away here power,

Break all the spokes and fellies from her wheel,

And bowl the round nave down the hill of heaven,

As low as to the fiends!


November 19, 1977

Mr. Weaver --

Your sister Olga survived Stalin's Purge, but died in childbirth on November 19, 1955. She had a daughter named Kristina who lives today in Moscow.

I thought you should know.

-- X --
























  • Ham-Cyc.txt is a line from William Shakespeare's famous play, Hamlet.
  • Weaver appears to be looking for his long-lost Niece named Kristina Raskova who's mother (Weaver's sister) died in child birth in 1955
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