For a similarly named weapon, see AUG HBAR. 
"Fully automatic. First three rounds of a burst fire faster. Best in class handling."
— In-game description.

The HBRa3 is a fully-automatic assault rifle featured in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


The HBRa3 is the main assault rifle of the Sentinel Task Force and the USMC; it is also a starting weapon in the missions "Crash", "Bio Lab", "Collapse" and "Armada". Its low rate of fire is constant, unlike in multiplayer and Exo Survival. It is also Gideon's and Cormack's signature weapon.


The HBRa3 is a standard assault rifle with medium damage and high vertical recoil. Although the vertical recoil is high, it is easily controllable. The gun starts firing at its "intro" fire rate of 857 RPM and gradually reduces its rate of fire at a constant rate over 4 shots until reaching its default fire rate of 625 RPM. This rewards using it in a burst fashion or in close quarters if surprised by an enemy. The HBRa3's manageable recoil and decent range make it an excellent weapon to use at medium ranges.

The irons sights can be seen as quite obtrusive, and using an optic is recommended for using the gun at longer ranges for a clearer view on target. Shorter range optics, such as the Red Dot Sight and Target Enhancer will help the weapon in mid-range combat. The longer range ACOG Scope can also benefit the gun for longer range firefights. The Hybrid Sight can be utilized for a good medium between these two ranges.

The weapon has average hip-fire spread; this makes the Laser Sight optional, but greatly useful if the weapon is often used in close quarters. However, it is not recommended to hip-fire the weapon as the rate of fire will put the user at a disadvantage in close range.

Utilizing the Quickdraw Grip and Stock can aid the weapon's handling speeds, in both close quarters and ranged combat. The Quickdraw Grip, coupled with the weapons high handling skill allow the player to aim down their sights quickly, allowing for quick targeting that gives the edge in many gunfights as the player will be able to line up a shot faster. This can also be the case in close quarters if the player wishes to aim the gun as opposed to firing from the hip. The Stock allows for similar goals by letting the player move faster, making them harder to hit at range, and be less of an easy target in close quarters if aiming.

Reload times are manageable and the rate of fire is low enough that Dual Mags and Extended Mags are not a necessity, but are useful should the player use the weapon for extended periods of fire or have to reload in the middle of combat.

Utilizing the Foregrip can lower the moderate recoil to a much lower amount, making the weapon far better at range due to more manageable recoil, allowing more shots to reliably hit their target.

The HBRa3, in terms of weapon balance, has been a mixed bag, and has already been subject to a nerf and a buff. The HBRa3's three-shot kill range was reduced to only several meters after the December 4th patch; due to the Bal-27 also getting nerfed, the HBRa3 got nerfed due to how commonplace it was. However, this was undone in the patch on January 27th, extending the three-shot kill range back out considerably due to the weapon then being outperformed by faster firing weapons in its class, such as the Bal-27 and AK-12.

One of the best variants for the HBRa3 is the Insanity. It has a massive rate of fire increase from originally 625RPM (857 for the first 4 rounds) to 750RPM (1000 for the first 4 rounds), making the weapon more on par with other weapons in its class. Another advantage to this weapon is its long range damage is increased from 24 to 25, making it require one less shot to kill at long range. The Insanity, however, has a 10% wider hip-fire spread, and cannot accept optical attachments. The iron sights, as stated before, are somewhat obstructive on the target, and makes the Insanity somewhat difficult to use for less skilled players. Overall, the Insanity is definitely a top tier weapon and it is very lethal combined together with the high max-damage range.

The HBRa3 is a highly recommended weapon for its versatility. The long range, high damage and good accuracy makes it a solid weapon that players can easily adapt to.


Exo Zombies Attachments

Supply Drop Variants

Name Rarity Advantages Disadvantages Notes
Superlite Enlisted ADS Time −10% Fire Rate: 566 RPM (750 first 4 rounds)
Competition Enlisted Range: 896-1955 Damage: 40-18
Adapter Enlisted Hipspread −10% View Kick +10%
Sport Enlisted View Kick −10% Range: 896-1445
Cowboy Professional View Kick +10% Integrated Dual Magazine
Raider Professional Fire Rate: 697 RPM (1000 first 4 rounds)

ADS Time −10%

Mag Capacity: 26
View Kick +10%
Insanity Elite Fire Rate: 750 RPM (1000 first 4 rounds)

Damage: 40-25

Hipspread +10% No optical attachments allowed
Bear Fist Elite Hipspread −20% Range: 896-1445
View Kick +10%
Integrated Red Dot Sight
Average Joe Permanent (Unlocked at 300 kills) Damage: 40-25
Range: 896-1955
Hipspread +20%
Lead Launcher Permanent (Maxing out weapon proficiency in Exo Survival) View Kick −10%
Hipspread −10%
Fire Rate: 517 RPM (666 first 4 rounds)

Exo Survival

The HBRa3 appears in Exo Survival. It costs 2 upgrade points, and is unlocked at round 11.

Exo Zombies

The HBRa3 appears in Exo Zombies. It is available as a wall weapon for 1250 Credits near the Exo Reload machine. It holds 30 rounds per magazine, and has 180 reserve rounds.

The HBRa3 is a good weapon to be purchased off-wall if one does not wish to acquire a weapon from the 3D Printer. It is able to perform well until round 15. The reserve ammunition is the second lowest of all assault rifles, although it is powerful enough to make ammo consumption less problematic than other weapons such as the ARX-160. However, its weapon station is located in a narrow corridor, where zombies can enter from multiple entrances, which may make acquiring ammunition in mid-round somehow difficult, especially in higher rounds, where zombies are faster. As such, the AMR9 and the ARX-160 are better to acquire if one will make use of the weapon for multiple rounds, as they are located in open areas.


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  • On the lower receiver is inscribed "ATLAS CORP".
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