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For the multiplayer perk, see Hacker (perk).
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Hacker is an equipment featured on the Zombies map Moon. It takes up the equipment slot; therefore, a player cannot equip it and the P.E.S. at the same time.

Moon[edit | edit source]

The Hacker can be found in any of six locations, sitting on top of a yellow card:

  • On the bookshelf to the left of the entrance from the room with the Power Switch
  • On the bookshelf to the left of the bottom of the stairs leading to the second floor
  • On the small box to the right of the top of the staircase leading to the second floor, next to the Wehrmacht flag
  • On the blue rebar running under the blueprint to the right of the bottom of the third staircase leading to the wallbuy and Deadshot Daiquiri
  • On a green tank next to Deadshot Daiquiri
  • Next to a canister of 115 to the right of the wallbuy near the door to the Biodome

If a player obtains another P.E.S., it will move to another random desk. The Hacker may be used on various utilities around the map with different outcomes.

The equipment is needed for four of the achievements: "One Small Hack for Man", "Cryogenic Slumber Party", "Big Bang Theory", and "Ground Control." It is also an optimal way of completing the "Perks in Spaaaaace" achievement.

After the player has held on to the Hacker for several rounds, the player will start to receive 500 points at the end of a round and the amount will continue to increase by 500 every round afterwards; this includes teleporting from Area 51 back to Moon. The amount earned caps at 2500 points. It may not seem like many points, but it can be extremely useful in the early rounds. If Hacker is traded out for a P.E.S., then the player will not receive points anymore upon picking it back up. It must be held onto for several rounds again before points can be earned.

Traversing areas without any oxygen whilst using the Hacker can be very hazardous because of the limited time the player has before they are downed. Therefore it is best to remain within spacious areas with oxygen and only venture outside when it is a necessity. The Bio-Dome is a good choice for players using the Hacker to remain, since it spacious enough and can only be depressurized by an Excavator.

Hackable Items[edit | edit source]

  • Pack-a-Punch Machine - Raises three gates around it for a limited time. No zombies or players may go in or out until the timer is up or unless teleported by a Gersh Device or QED. Hacking it grants 1000 points, but only once per game. This point bonus is not affected by Double Points.
  • Excavator Controls - When an excavator is breaching the moon base, players can hack the terminals in the spawn room, thus halting the attack. The player will also receive 1000 points each time they hacks an excavator, whether or not it was stopped before or after it breached. This point bonus is not effected by Double Points. The players will get the achievement Ground Control if all three excavators are stopped before they breach the base.
  • Doors - For 200 points, the player can hack open any door, although the hacking process is extremely slow (32.7 seconds), making it a risky procedure in which the player is completely vulnerable to attacks from Zombies.
  • Windows - Hacking a window automatically repairs it, regardless of how many boards are missing. Doing so grants the player 100 points. This can be done twice to earn the 100 point bonus. Continuing to do this on the same window after repairing it with this method will cause the player to lose points instead, starting with 300 points and increases the more it is still done. Repairing a window with this method can reward the player 150 points should they repair 5 boards on the window and then hack it.
  • Players - Hacking a player transfers 500 points from the hacking player to the player being hacked. This can be done an infinite number of times until the player utilizing the Hacker no longer has enough points to give. When doing this while a Double Points is active, the hacked player will receive 1000 points rather than 500 and the hacking player only gives 500.
  • Mystery Box - There are many effects that occur with the Mystery Box when utilizing the Hacker;
    • After using the Mystery Box, using the Hacker on it will reroll the box for an additional 600 points for a new weapon. Hacking the rerolled weapon turns it into a Weapon Power-Up for anyone to take. Doing so returns 950 points back to the hacking player, effectively making the hacking player only spend 600 on the box.
    • Hacking a box spawn location activates the Mystery Box in that location for a single roll for 1200 points. The same reroll effects stated above still can be used when doing this. Doing this causes the box to not move to that location for some time. If done on all box locations except for one, the box's current location will not move for a very long time. Utilizing this method when picking up a Fire Sale does not cause the box to spawn at the other locations, which in turn can hinder the player or players' attempts to get weapons during a Fire Sale.
    • Hacking the box during a Fire Sale still has the same effect as hacking a normal box, however given the price of the box being only 10 points during a Fire Sale, this in turn can actually reward points to the hacking player rather than spending.
  • Wall Guns - Hacking any wall weapon at the cost of 3000 points, with the exception of Grenades, changes the properties of the weapon's ammo cost. Regular ammo will now cost 4500 (the price for Pack-a-Punched ammo) while the Pack-a-Punched ammo now costs whatever the regular ammo cost. When swapping the ammo properties, the wall weapon will be flipped upside down when purchasing the weapon, but the chalk drawing remains the same.
  • Perk-a-Cola Machines - There are many effects that occur with the Perk-a-Cola Machines when utilizing the Hacker. These effects become disabled once Big Bang Theory has been completed.
    • Hacking an already acquired perk returns points equal to the perk's cost. Doing this removes the perk. The points returned are not affected by Double Points.
      • When doing this in Solo on Quick Revive, doing this will remove the number of uses of Quick Revive due to rebuying the perk. You can not return Quick Revive when all 3 uses of the perk has been used.
      • Due to it removing the perk, hacking Mule Kick can remove the player's weapons in the process if they do not know which weapon was the bonus weapon from Mule Kick.
    • If the player has acquired more than four perks, utilizing this method will still reward the points back, however they can not get the perk back due to the four perk slot limit. Getting the perk back requires getting a Perk Bottle Power-Up or various other methods.
  • Buttons and levers - The Hacker can be used on any of the red buttons or green levers in the laboratory, which is part of Richtofen's Grand Scheme.
  • Power-Ups - Multiple effects occur when hacking Power-Ups. All these effects cost 5000 points, the most expensive thing to hack.
    • Hacking any Power-Up changes it into a Max Ammo.
    • Hacking a Max Ammo turns it into a Fire Sale.
    • Players are unable to hack Anti-Power-Ups spawned by QEDs and must wait for their timer to run out or a Zombie to pick up the Power-Up.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Speed Cola decreases the time needed to hack items.
  • Whilst utilizing the Hacker as Dempsey in first person, a short black sleeve can be seen on his right arm.
  • The voice commands triggered by the Hacker can be heard by other players wearing the P.E.S..
  • In Black Ops, it is possible for two players at a time to hold the Hacker. If both players stand by the Hacker and try to pick it up at exactly the same time, both players will receive one.
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