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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Mobile

"Hackney Yard is the locale where Al-Qatala forces planned their next attacks, as this neglected corner of London offered a place for them to store their contraband ahead of more aggressive missions. During Day 0 – the supposed prelude to Al-Qatala’s attack on the entire world – Coalition members arrive via helicopter on the yard’s eastern side, ready to intercept the 8 a.m. cargo van delivery of Allegiance forces from the west."
— Map Description [1]

Hackney Yard is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This map is designed for 6v6 standard modes and includes a Night mode.

Hackney Yard is also available in Call of Duty: Mobile and was added on November 11, 2020 as part of the Season 12 Going Dark update. [2] In Call of Duty: Mobile, Hackney Yard also has a Night version.



  • Caravan
  • Yellow Building
  • Dock Building
  • Dock Yard
  • Phonebooth
  • Smokestack
  • Office
  • Roof Top
  • Cargo Land
  • Warehouse
  • Forklift
  • Red Truck
  • Road
  • Parking
  • Tire Shop
  • Yellow Truck
  • Abandoned Building

Hackney Yard is a roughly rectangular shaped three-lane designed multiplayer map that fits mid-to-short range combat, with long-range lanes in certain places. There's a multitude of sightlines on different areas that, if unattentive, will catch enemies to open fire. Each building can be accessed through various openings and entry points. Large cargo crates, walls and shipping containers act as climbable platforms to traverse through different sections of buildings and areas in the map. Some of the wood flooring of the second floor can be penetrated by bullets from the ground level. A large hangar is a main point of combat in Team Deathmatch, and has the central point in Domination. This map is also one of a few other maps to feature a Night mode, where night vision goggles are used.

Utilizing all forms of equipment, lethal and tactical, works effectively in most situations depending on which section. Claymores and Proximity Mines are common lethals when guarding staircases and doors. Molotov Cocktails can burn enemies in buildings and tight spaces. Most thrown tacticals can obstruct sightlines, impede advancements and keep hostiles stationary in chokepoints and other areas. Certain Field Upgrades work mostly in indoor areas such as the Deployable Cover which, when barricaded to a window, will slightly or wholly hinder sightlines. Trophy Systems target thrown equipment with the only downside being that it is stationary. In all cases, Stopping Power is the most practical inside or out.

Hard hitting killstreaks can force enemies to retreat indoors. Aerial streaks such as Cluster Strikes and Cruise Missile are viable options when targeting enemies in most areas, especially in small corridors, while Chopper Gunners, Support Helos and the Gunship can easily decimate enemies in open areas. Ground based killstreaks can dominate certain watchpoints. Juggernauts and Wheelsons can roam around and pick off enemies but should be used wisely due to the disadvantages both streaks were designed.



  • Coalition - Narrow Road, East section. Ropes down from transport helicopter.
  • Allegiance - Entrance Area, West Section. Drives in from white van.

West Section

This section contains many objective locations - specifically, a building next to the main dock yard. The Dock Yard itself has little to no activity but has a good line of sight on the rooftop of the office building. There is a yellow building at the southwest corner with a large window that views across the map. It also has a small uninhabited toilet room. The shipping container next to the building provides coverage when charging through the warehouse.

Dock Building

This two-floor building is the most active area consisting majority of objectives in certain modes. It's first floor has three double door entrances while the second has three windows. One of which leads to a platform bridging to the smokestack bulding infront of it while the other gives a good view of the warehouse catwalk window


This is also one of the locations where the Hardpoin hill or HQ spawns in. The roof platforms provide great but common sightlines across the map, especially on the middle area, numerous directions to other places and will leave anyone vulnerable to enemy gunfire when staying too long there. It also has a wall connected to the office seperating the middle section from the nothern route.

Middle Section

The most chaotic section allowing close to mid range engagements, it consist of two buildings - an office and a warehouse, The central portion is a wide area and contains two shipping containers. The nothern part, an alleway connected to the office, has a wall dividing both routes coming from west to east.


This building has the smallest indoor sections offering great CQC firefights. It's top floor is where the Hardpoint hill or HQ is located. Two door leading to the buildings' roof top overwatches the middle area and has lines of sight on various other spots such as the yellow building window.


The largest building in the map with a wide indoor area. This is where lot's of activity occurs in objective based game modes, even in Team Deathmatch. Plenty of barrels and shipping containers provide verticality to enter and navigate. It features a catwalk that overviews inside the building with a large window that can be spotted from the upper level of the dock building and a shed with a blue van that allows players to flank around or use as coverage. There's also a small platform on both sides - one next to the staircase that can be used hop inside the catwalks' large window and one with a ladder and a red transport truck.

East Section

This section has a two-floor abandoned building that doesn't have much activity, a good place to lay low. It does have a good view of the nothern route but hindered by the Offices' wall and good lines of sight toward both the office and the warehouse. It also has a tunnel that looks toward one entry point of the wall dividing the long narrow road from the middle section. The road itself has a police car and wooden crate to hop over.

Tire Shop

This two floor building has majority of the east sections objective locations. It's indoor area plays similarly to the dock building. It has a staircase on the right side and a shipping container on the parking lot that traverses through the second floor.

Objective Locations

In obejective based modes, four buildings are hotspots of this map - Dock Building, Warehouse, Office and Tire Shop.

Team Deathmatch

The middle section is a battleground for intense firefights. The Warehouse has the most activity in any building on this mode.

Search and Destroy

  • Bombsite A - Inside Warehouse.
  • Bombsite B - Alleyway of the northern route.
    • This area is left in an open area with little coverage.

Cyber Attack

Both building containing each teams' Data Center have tight corridors making it place of CQC firefights to occur.

  • EMP 1 - Same as Bombsite A.
  • EMP 2 - Between the two shipping containers of the middle area.
  • EMP 3 - Inside Office.
  • Allegiance Data Center - Inside Dock Building.
  • Coalition Data Center - Inside Tire Shop.


All three flags are located indoors positioned in a L-shaped format.

  • Flag A - Inside garage of Tire Shop.
  • Flag B - Same as Bombsite A.
    • It's possible to secure the flag behind the hood of the blue van or behind the barrels but detected from the other side.
  • Flag C - Same as Allegiance Data Center.


  • 1 - Inside Warehouse shed.
  • 2 - Inside second floor Tire Shop.
  • 3 - Under the roof tin portion of the Smokestack.
    • This area is dangerously active. It has can be spotted from the yellow building in front of it and is commonly rushed over due to it's small spacing. Though there are barrels and barricades to use as protection, it isn't enough to completely conceal defenders when holding down.
  • 4 - Inside Office, second floor room.
    • There are multiple ways to enter the room that can be used to trap and defend against charging attackers without careful attention.
  • 5 - Inside Dock Building, ground floor.
    • Close to mid range engagements mostly happen here with little to no coverage and triple entrance points.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Mobile


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

  • A low-poly version of Hackney Yard can be found in the out-of-bounds of Shipment.
  • In the Watch Select menu, the Minimap watch displays Hackney Yard's minimap by default.
  • The first floor of the Tire Shop has a map which is the top down layout of Piccadilly. The map is a reference to the London attack, which suggests that Al-Qatala had used this place to plan this attack.

Call of Duty: Mobile

  • Unlike Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the doors mechanic aren't present in the map.