"Hadir's well-trained... teamed up, kidnapped, it doesn't matter."
Kate Laswell

Hadir Ahmed Karim[1] is a supporting character, later revealing himself to be the quatenary antagonist in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

When Hadir was 7–10 years old, Russian forces were present in Urzikstan. A Russian trooper killed his father, but he and his sister, Farah, promptly killed the soldier in turn.[2]


Hadir is a fighter in the Urzikstan Liberation Force, serving as a combat Lieutenant, reporting directly to his younger sister, Farah. Together, they fight to protect, rescue and free their country from Russian occupation. Hadir’s father was a professor, his mother, a civil servant for her district in Urzikstan, both respected in their middle class community. Like his parents, Hadir has always sought to make something of himself, but grew up in an uncivil world of war-torn streets and death around every corner.

Hadir’s life changed irreparably when General Barkov’s rogue army rolled into Urzikstan and in a matter of minutes, imposed their will, blanketing his hometown with ordnance and poison gas. One minute, Hadir was doing homework and the next, he was trying to escape rifles, gas bombs and capture. Too young, small and scared, Hadir has always been haunted by guilt over his inability to render more aide. With the help of his sister Farah, they attempted to escape, but were both apprehended and taken to a prison camp.

Losing his family, his home and his innocence, like many in his generation, he and his sister Farah grew up in prison without guidance, education or moral instruction. These events fomented a violent and aggressive streak. For Hadir, warplanes, enemy tanks and checkpoints were a normal part of his daily life. After helping his sister lead a rebellion to break free from Barkov’s POW camp, he became a prominent figure and an influence on emerging combatants. Here, he shaped his personality and reputation as a hostile, cunning guerilla fighter. Because he was there when the shelling started, Hadir is viewed as someone to be trusted by his community and beyond.

Left an angry and restless soul with the heart of a warrior, Hadir learned to keep his cards, feelings and plans to himself. Secretive, not through deviousness, but because he had to be to survive. Farah and Hadir see eye to eye on their ultimate goal – to liberate their people – but don’t always align on tactics or strategy. Today, Hadir is Farah’s lieutenant, but differs with his sister philosophically when it comes to battle.

Hadir has never been beyond the borders of his country and often returns to his birth city to lead counter occupation attacks. "I couldn't, because my dad and mum are buried here," he says. “I didn’t want to be away from them. Now, it is time to go wherever we must, to achieve victory.” Hadir considers more aggressive actions to be a necessary part of liberating his people. His singular purpose is to defeat those occupying his land by any means necessary.[3]

Initially, as a second-in-command in ULF, Hadir supported Farah and her western allies. However, little did they know, Hadir secretly allied with Al-Qatala behind Farah's back, and stole chemical weapons from Russia. During "Highway of Death", Hadir unleashes the gas on Russian troops before leaving "Alex" and Farah behind.

Hadir then joines The Wolf in his den, but escapes before SAS CIA joint team raids the place. Hadir then attacked Barkov's residence in Moldova and took his families as hostages while making a plan to destroy Barkov's gas factory and kill the Russian general once and for all. However, Captain Price and Sergent Kyle arrives and captures him, and Hadir was handed over to Russian promptly.

Hadir is once again mentioned in the ending cutscene, where Laswell reveals that Viktor Zakhaev, who is aiming for Barkov's throne, is "big fan of Hadir", which is why he is still alive.


Much like his sister, Hadir is filled with patriotism and determination to protect his motherland. However, unlike Farah, Hadir is less binding to moral and rules, which led to his alliance with Al-Qatala and use of Russain gas. However, Hadir's motive and goal is still the same with Farah's - to save his people and family. He also seems to have a keen sense and capability of survival. Even when Hadir and Farah were still young children, Hadir successfully killed a trained soldier with Farah, and led her through Russian forces to escape Urzikstan. He continued to survive many fights in ULF, and even managed to escape The Wolf's Den and Barkov's residence unscarred.


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