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"This is Doctor Hale, conducting Pernell test number one. The date is August 3rd, 1967. The Director has secured himself inside the APD, and we are ready to begin the transfer. When I flip the switch, an electrical current will be pulled from the Elemental Shard and will flood the APD. Are you ready Director?"
— Doctor Hale

Doctor Hale is a character featured in Zombies map Alpha Omega from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Doctor Hale is a member of Broken Arrow at the Camp Edward facility. She's discovered that powering up A.D.A.M. Units with the Elemental Shard made them alive. Using this knowledge, in 1964, she and Cornelius Pernell resurrected Peter McCain using the Shard. Hale also discovered that the A.P.D. could be charged up by destroying A.D.A.M. Units powered by the Elemental Shard instead of killing human beings. In 1965, she assisted Pernell in the interrogation of Yuri Zavoyski but was unable to save his life.

On August 1967, she started assiting Pernell in his experiments on himself using the Elemental Shard and the A.P.D. Their activites were unauthorized and by early 1968, McCain filed a report against Pernell. On March 15th, 1968, while Hale and Pernell was conducted another experiment, George Sawyer and his men arrived at Camp Edward causing a power outage in the whole facility. This resulted in the transformation of Pernell into the entity called Avogadro. Avogadro released Nova 6 gas throughout the facility. It is unknown if Hale managed to escape the facility or was killed by the gas or the zombies and A.D.A.M. Units unleashed in Camp Edward.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hale has a strong affection towards Cornelius Pernell, which was well-known in Camp Edward.
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