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Halloween Scream, officially Willard Wyler's Halloween Scream, is a special event that was live in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare from October 9th, 2017 to November 1st, 2017[1][2][3] and Call of Duty: WWII. Similarly to Days of Summer, plenty of new items were released in the game, including new weapon variants, new supply drop content and new gamemodes in both Zombies and multiplayer. During the event, double XP, Weapon XP, Mission Team XP and Keys were able to be utilized for set times during the duration of the event.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


Boss Battle

The calendar for the Halloween Scream event

A new gamemode for Zombies called Boss Battle was released that allowed players to fight the respective bosses of each Zombies map, starting chronologically with Zombies in Spaceland. Players are able to fight the Alien, Super Slasher, Rat King, Radioactive Thing and Mephistopheles. Players will need to own the respective DLC packs to play the respective maps.

When the player starts a map with Boss Battles ready, the player will spawn in the Afterlife Arcade. They will have a total of three minutes to pick up any weapon available on the wall of weapons and any perks with the 20,000 point balance. Depending on each weapon depends on its price, ranging from 2,500 points to 5,000 points. Once the player is ready, they can interact with the door used to return the player to the map or wait for the timer to run out. Once it is out or the player goes through the door, they will be brought to the boss fight of the respective map.

Inside the boss fight, there is a timer on the top left of the screen. This indicates how long the player is in the boss fight. The timer will stop once the whole boss fight is complete and the boss has finished their death animation. The game will automatic end and return the player back to the pre-lobby menu and be rewarded with a certain amount of XP and Keys. The fastest time the player achieves in completing a boss fight will be updated to the player's barracks on the map records.

From October 13th, 2017 to October 16th, 2017, Zombies in Spaceland and Rave in the Redwoods were available for play for Boss Battles, under the taglines Aliens! and Super Slasher respectively. Shaolin Shuffle and Attack of the Radioactive Thing were available for play from October 20th, 2017 to October 23rd, 2017. Finally, The Beast From Beyond was available from October 27th, 2017 to October 30th, 2017.

Carnage and Carnage 24/7

Over the course of Halloween Scream, the map Carnage from the Retribution Map Pack was available for free to all players. The map was available in all playlists, as well as being available in a new gamemode Carnage 24/7, in which all games are held on the map Carnage. Gamemodes available in Carnage 24/7 include Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination and Defender.

Halloween Scream Supply Drops

Halloween Scream supply drop.

Also available during Halloween Scream was the ability for players to purchase a Halloween Scream supply drop for 200 CODPoints or 30 Keys that awarded a dupe-protected Halloween Scream limited item and two other items, similar to a Rare supply drop. 20 respective Halloween Scream supply drops were available for purchase each week. Also during the event, players were able to purchase a bundle of 15 Halloween Scream drops for 1500 CODPoints once per week. From October 13th, 2017 to October 16th 2017, a Halloween Triple Play bundle was released containing 10 Rare supply drops, a Zombie Rig hack and an Axe hack, containing the Axe melee weapon. This bundle costed 400 keys or 2500 CODPoints and could be bought twice.

As well as purchasable supply drops, players were also awarded a free Halloween Scream supply drop every Wednesday and Friday, amounting up to 8 free drops over the course of the event. These drops only contained one single item and was also dupe protected. Players who earn all Halloween Scream items for a particular week will instead earn keys or Salvage as placeholders for the drop.

Halloween Scream Items

A total of six camouflages, six weapon variants, one emblem, four calling cards, two accessories, and four Combat Rig skins were added to the game, available for a limited time and through the Halloween Scream supply drops. Each week had a unique rotation of items.

Week 1
Halloween Scream Week 1 IW.png
Week 2
Halloween Scream Week 2 IW.png
Week 3
Halloween Scream Week 3 IW.png
Week 4




  • The images supplied during the event mislabel Legendary weapon variants as Rare weapon variants. This also applies to their subsequent Gun Perks.
    • Additionally, the M.2187 - Graveyard variant of Week 1 has been mislabelled as using the gun perk Ninja, when it uses the gun perk Nuclear.