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"Soviet forces have infiltrated a highly classified U.S. facility"
— Map Description

For the map in Call of Duty: World at War, see Hangar

Hangar 18 is a map that was released in the Annihilation Map Pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops. It was originally a canceled map named Area 51. This is a medium sized map, set in the secret military base, Area 51. It has numerous easter eggs, such as alien corpses, and a floating apple. Hangar 18 has many high elevated areas such as the cremation room, the tower near the A flag and the SR-71 Blackbird.



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  • Though going out on the Blackbird has its advantages, it is very open to any type of gunfire, especially when you are standing.
  • Good weapons for this map are Assult rifles with low recoil, such as the M16.
  • The player can usually get a lucky kill on people running up the stairs near the entrance to the Blackbird by planting a Claymore there.
  • You can jump onto the Blackbird's wing near the engine.


  • There is an apple levitating in what appears to be an electromagnetic field on the map. When it's shot the bullets deflect and hit the walls around it. This is a reference to a viral video after the release of Black Ops.
  • It should be noted that these bodies have a tag on them which reads "Government Property".
  • The player can see three alien carcasses covered with blankets, and have hands with four fingers and blue feet with four toes sticking out of the blankets.
  • In the alien room, there is an autopsy table that was thrown into a wall, and large amounts of blood all over the room, suggesting something, possibly an alien, may have broken out.
  • There are numerous panels throughout the map that can be destroyed. If the action button is pressed, alien sounds will play. After being destroyed, these panels will re-spawn.
  • All the black vans' license plates say "exempt", and all the white vans' license plates say "U.S.Gov".
  • The hangar appears in Moon as the starting location.
  • This map looks similar to the beginning of the level WMD on the runway.
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