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Hangman WWII

Hangman is a playable game featured in the Nazi Zombies map The Shadowed Throne in Call of Duty: WWII. It is located on Main Street, located on the sign directly above the Cabaret's main entrance.


The Hangman easter egg can be utilized by the player to obtain power-ups and special weapons for free. On the far left side of the sign on the Cabaret is an empty noose and a sort of dial with the current letter to the left of it. Shooting the up and down arrows on the dial will change to letter. When the player has selected the letter they wish to use, they can shoot the center button on the dial.

If the player is successful with the chosen letter, it will appear to the right of the dial as it begins to spell out the word. If the player fails, a part of a zombie will appear on the noose. If the player completes the zombie on the noose by failing the game, the letters to the right of the dial will disappear along with the zombie on the noose, forcing the player to try again with another word.

Once the player inserts all of the possible solutions completely, the game cannot be played again for the duration of the match.


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