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"Well, I'm the one guy who's actually been on the ground. In the various parts of their development process, they can filter their grand scheme through me. I just look and say, "that doesn't look quite right", or "rock on"."
— Hank Keirsey[1]

Hank Keirsey is a former Lt. Col. whose profile is seen in one of the Intels of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Keirsey is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, decorated combat veteran, and an authority on World War II military history. He has spent his life mentoring, coaching, and team-building in order to teach leadership under stressful conditions. Keirsey has created winning organizations that have succeeded under the most demanding conditions, from field training and combat to corporate environments. Commissioned as an infantryman from United States Military Academy at West Point, Kiersey's first tour of duty was with 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Since then, Keirsey has served in a wide variety leadership and staff positions both United States and overseas. During the Persian Gulf War, Keirsey (assigned as Executive Officer) and his airborne infantry battalion spearheaded the attack into Iraq. Keirsey was awarded the Bronze Star for his role in successful offensive. After the end of the Persian Gulf War, Keirsey was assigned to the Army's premier combat training center at Ft. Polk, Louisiana, where he designed a course to train leaders in critical decision making, later becoming the staff and leader training model for the entire Army. Keirsey holds a Bachelor's degree from West Point, a Master's degree in history from Duke University, and has taught history and military ethics at West Point. He is also a master parachutist, a Ranger, and has earned the Expert and Combat Infantryman Badges.

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  • "Hank Kiersey" is depicted as a portrait on the wall of the Pentagon during the mission "U.S.D.D." and in the Zombies mission "Five".

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