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It's about time you chaps showed up.
— Snyder to Edward Carlyle and Jack DeHart

Corporal Harold Snyder is a British soldier appearing in Call of Duty: Finest Hour. During the Second World War, Snyder served with Popski's Private Army, acting as a cartographer, and with them participated in numerous raids on German targets in Tunisia.


Raiding the FortressEdit

On 23 January 1943, the PPA engages in a raid on an unnamed Roman fortress outside the Tunisian village of Matmata. During the attack, Snyder is captured and Sergeant Jack DeHart, along with Private Allen Rowe, are tasked with rescuing him. However, both men are pinned down by enemy fire; they are rescued by Private Edward Carlyle, who breaks through the German position and links up with the pair in an ancient watchtower. DeHart informs Carlyle that Snyder is being held underground in the fortress's cistern system and requests his assistance in freeing him. The group makes their way across the courtyard, coming under fire from German soldiers and aircraft, and must blow apart an Sd. Kfz. 251 blocking their path. Upon reaching the cistern entrance, only Carlyle and DeHart enter to free Snyder, where they are joined by Sergeant Bob Starkey before escaping through an underground tunnel system.

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