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For the animal, see Hyena.
Harvey Yena
Alias(es) Hyena
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops
Call of Duty: Black Ops III (mentioned only)
Rank Doctor
Affiliations Group 935 (formerly)
Ascension Group
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Status Unknown
Sex Male
Weapon Hyena Infra-Dead (Original timeline)
"I suspect that there are more in the Organization. Dr. Harvey Yena and Dr. Peter McCain to be precise."
Edward Richtofen in Call of the Dead

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Harvey Yena is an ex American member of Group 935 and the leader of Ascension Group. He is mentioned by Edward Richtofen in a radio message in the Zombies map Call of the Dead. It is highly likely that he created the Hyena Infra-Dead as it seems to be a reference to his name being H.Yena, as well as the quote below. He wrote the following line on the chalk boards in Der Riese: "HYENA, Edward Richtofen I know it was you, why won't it work anymore."

After the dissolution of the Group 935 on 1945, two months later the Soviets hire him, and he later found the Ascension Group on January 26th 1946.

A letter signed Harvey Yena can be found on Gorod Krovi that reads:

"General Lehmkuhl,

The dragons continue to bring success in the Eastern front. Russian resistance is fierce but we are maintaining a stronghold in Stalingrad. There are rumors of a new push to retake the city, but I am confident it will be stopped. The Hatchery continues to experiment with ways to enhance the beasts even further. Group 935 will not be technologically outpaced by the Russians.

Die Glocke research continues to inspire new theories of time displacement and possibly even movement across dimensions. Security has been enhanced, especially after the disaster that was enabled by Doctor Groph’s lax security measures. We have taken steps to ensure that none of this technology falls into enemy hands.

However, I feel I must protest the behavior of this insufferable apparatus that we have been forced to contend with. Sophia, as IT likes to be called, has demanded that we change the password to an encrypted cipher consisting entirely of unintelligible characters for maximum security. The current method is sufficiently secure without getting in the way of researchers performing their duties. Even if someone were able to obtain one of the special code cylinders, they would still need to know the password. While it is possible it could be guessed, it is easy for our researchers to remember due to its association to our Die Glocke research. Still, I feel it is sufficiently obscure that no one should be able to guess it easily.

Respectfully yours,

Harvey Yena, Sc.D."

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