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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized.

The Hazardous Material robot, is a small robot used in the level "Needle In A Haystack" in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized. The player, Zach Parker, throws the HazMat robot into buildings, and operates it using a controller with a screen that lets Parker see what the robot sees.


The HazMat robot is exclusive to the level "Needle in a Haystack". It is used by selecting its icon in the player's inventory. When selected, the player can throw the robot at an area of choice. Once thrown, the camera will display the robot's view. This can be exited by tapping its inventory icon. When the player walks over it, the HazMat will be picked up and be ready to be used again. When in use, the HazMat robot moves at a speed similar to the basic walking speed of a human player with a rifle. It can not move over certain bumps, such as street curbs.



  • The player can use the HazMat robot to see Parker's face, just move the robot up to him. He looks just like all the other Marines.
  • The HazMat robot is treated as a grenade, until deployed. The player holds, and throws the HazMat robot like a Grenade. It also has the same arc, throwing range, and bounce height as a grenade.
  • If the player throws the HazMat robot outside the map, he will fail the mission because he cannot get it back.
  • Oddly, the HazMat can move side-to-side, even though it only has two wheels.