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"From this moment on, I am not letting you outta my sight. You understand me, Corporal?"
— Hazel to Red in his dream at the end of "Ambush".

Hazel Daniels is a character in Call of Duty: WWII. She is the wife of Ronald "Red" Daniels.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Hazel met Ronald "Red" Daniels during the 1940s, with the two becoming engaged at a young age. When Red decided to join the United States Army, she was already pregnant with his baby. She wanted to tell him when he was being sent to Europe, but decided not to after he took her picture to keep during the war.

Hazel and Red wrote letters to each other, but Red was afraid to open one that referred to him as "Daniels". Red feared that she was with someone else and forgotten about him, but once he read the letter, she revealed that she is pregnant.

In "Ambush", Red dreams of taking his honorable discharge and returning home to Hazel, Paul, and their child. However, Red refused to return home without Zussman, who was captured by the Germans and sent to a labor camp. After the battle of the Rhine, Red returned home, and after placing his bronze star medal on Paul's grave, warmly embraces Hazel with a hug.

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