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Quote When said
"Failure will not be tolerated." After being selected
"I represent the 54i."
"Seraph, headed out."
"They're as good as dead."
"It's not personal, only business." Opening quote on match start
"I will teach them to fear the 54i."
"We got this."
"We will prevail!"
"Ha! What use is the tip of the spear alone?" Response to Ruin's "Tip of the Spear" line
"Yield, and overcome." Response to Ruin's "Attack" line
"Don't just rush in!" Response to Ruin's "Locate the Enemy" line
"Locate the enemy so I can strike." Response to Outrider's "Overwatch" line
"Hope those aren't just for show." Response to Prophet's "Systems Online" line
"Don't be fooled by a show of weakness." Response to Prophet's "Weakness" line
"Blow them to pieces, Battery." Response to Battery's "Ready to Bring the Smoke" line
"Coward. Stand and fight." Response to Nomad's "Headed for Cover" line
"Ha! And let you have all the fun?" Response to Nomad's "Flash" line
"You're mistaken. I am." Response to Nomad's "Environment" line
"Challenge yourself on your own time." Response to Spectre's "HVT" line
"We win together, or we die alone." Response to Spectre's "In Client's AO" line
"Nice kills." After a teammate gets multiple kills with a Specialist Weapon
"Nice work."
"Not bad."
"So you're not completely useless."
"The 54i could use your skill."
"Congratulations. Well deserved." After a teammate gains a level
"A reminder to all enemies of the 54i." After killing multiple enemies with the Annihilator
"No second chances."
"Enforcer killed." After killing an enemy Seraph
"Enforcer down."
"I'm stuck, I'm stuck!" When stuck by a Semtex Grenade
"Semtex, I'm stuck!"
"Semtex, I'm hit!"
"You were never going to survive." "No Chance" taunt
"Talk is cheap." "Talk's Cheap" taunt
"Maybe send trained forces next time?" "Really?" taunt
"Try it. There's no way you'll win." "Try It" taunt
"I look forward to our next fight." "Next Time" taunt

"Satcom,Give me R.A.P.S support.Chu better run"

"Death Blossom" taunt
"Dedication, Focus, Discipline. Practice more. "Sharp Shooter" taunt