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The Head Chopper is a Buildable device exclusive to Buried on Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It takes the appearance of a large saw on a stand, and will damage zombies and players when they step within the range of its blade.


It is built with a stand, motor, hinge, and saw, which are all found in the general store.


Found in the back room on the first floor.


Found on the counter in the middle back of the store.


Found on the shelf in the center of the store.


Found in a barrel in the back of the store.

Be careful, as it is easy to confuse Head Chopper parts with parts for other Buildables. When built, it can be taken by any player as long as they do not have another buildable.


When selected, the player will hold the Chopper in the air in front of them. The player will lightly throw it when it is used. Upon landing, it will anchor to the ground and activate. Note that it is possible to throw the Chopper on a wall, causing it to stick to the wall. When activated, it will sit idle until a player or zombie walks over it. When a zombie walks over it, it will swing in an upward arc and chop the zombie in half. In most cases, the zombie will still be in close proximity to the Chopper, causing it to activate and promptly kill the zombie. When a player walks over it, the Chopper will also swing and inflict a considerable amount of damage. Like all buildables, a Head Chopper will continue to function until it is destroyed or breaks from use.



  • The Head Chopper is the first throwable buildable.
  • It is also the first buildable that can be placed on a wall.
  • When a zombie is cut with the Head Chopper, the sound that is made is similar to the sound made when a zombie is cut by the Fan Trap in Mob of the Dead.
  • The Head Chopper and the Subsurface Resonator are the only Buildables exclusive to Buried.
  • It does not affect The Giant.
  • Although it swings vertically when placed on the ground, it chops zombies horizontally.
  • Unlike the Trample Steam, it does not need to recharge and will constantly swing whenever zombies or players are in range.
  • Like the trample steam, zombies will attempt to attack it.
  • It will not attempt to chop downed players.
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