Heavily Armed is one of the mission Trials in the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). The objective is to survive as long as possible against hordes of enemies and artillery using the Juggernaut suit.

Trial map Variants

  • Shoot House (Juggernaut killstreak loadout)
  • Arklov Peak (Juggernaut killstreak loadout)


Shoot House map variant

  • 100000 - 1 Star - 5000 XP
  • 200000 - 2 Stars - 7500 XP
  • 300000 - 3 Stars - 10000 XP

Arklov Peak map variant

  • 75000 - 1 Star - 5000 XP
  • 150000 - 2 Stars - 7500 XP
  • 225000 - 3 Stars - 10000 XP


Below is a list of scenarios that can be experienced by the player if they survive against hordes of soldiers. 1. Cluster Strike. 2. White Phosphorus (soldiers are tougher and shall now wear gas masks). 3. Chopper Gunner. 4. Tactical Nuke (if the Chopper Gunner is destroyed).


  • Gunning down the Chopper Gunner will immediately trigger a sequence to launch a nuke.
  • Before equipping the Juggernaut suit, the player can kill themselves by standing directly below the Care Package before it touches the ground. This however, results in an immediate respawn and will not reset that round.
  • A unique version of tougher Allegiance Mil-Sim operators are seen with gas masks when White Phosphorus is deployed.
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