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"Russian Armor has moved into a Baltimore suburb, and allied Abrams battle tanks havebeen sent to eliminate them."
— In-Game description


"Heavy Metal" is the twelfth campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance, it takes place at a Baltimore suburb where the US National Guard attempt to eliminate the last of the Russians within the suburbs.


This mission starts out with the player in a tank, and the mission revolves around only two missions; destroying tanks, transports, or helicopters and killing infantry. As soon as the mission opens up, A tank near Overlord is blown up, and he is forced to carry out the mission alone. Multiple Russian tanks and Infantry try to stop Overlord, but the AR's equipped to most infantry do not harm the tank. Only the infantry with RPGs must be eliminated to move forward, ground troops eliminate the others.

After Overlord pushes through some suburban streets, he is given the mission to secure a parking lot by a burger joint. as Overlord exits the parking lot, Two foot soldiers run into the street covered by a Helicopter as well as two RPGs from a burned out building. After this Stinger informs Warlord that he has no cover and to proceed forward with caution. Multiple tanks and Foot soldiers with RPGs can be found along the road as Overlord advances, clearing out the suburbs.

As Overlord moves up, He comes past a squad that is being pinned down. This is notable as the only time that an APC is seen in the game. Overlord moves forward and is met with a blockade of three enemy armor, however the mission ends here as helicopter destroys the tanks and reads off that the area is secure.



  • Interestingly, if the player fires at an ally, the friendly fire warning appears, but the ally does not die. If the player fires at a Russian vehicle and the vehicle explodes, any American allies within the blast radius will die and the player will still get the friendly fire warning.
  • If the player fires at a Russian vehicle, they will notice that when their tank shells hit the armour of the vehicle a small animation of what looks like a bullet hitting metal appears.
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