Heist is a multiplayer game mode featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The objective of the mode is for either teams to eliminate the opposing force or grab the cash and extract it to the located site.


Heist is a round based mode similar to Search and Destroy but with vastly different mechanics. There are 5 players in both teams spawning on their beginning spawn areas and can access the Buy Menu - a system where players can purchase weapons, scorestreaks, armor, equipment and upgrades to enhance their combat. Cash is located somewhere in the map but it's icon can be seen on the players radar. After grabbing the case, the Extraction Site will be located(it's icon will show as well on the mini-map). Extraction Site is indicated by the red flare smoke capture area and must be secured. Victory is obtained by eliminating the entire enemy team or successfully extracting the case to site. If a player carries the cash and the enemy team is completely wiped, the cash must be brough to extraction to end the round.

When draining a player's health by dealing damage, they will go to a downed state and will only die by continously finishing them off. During the downed state, players can still move around in a third person perspective but without their weapons. A downed player has limited time until they are killed. A teammate can revive a downed player. There are multiple ways for players to earn cash such as dealing damage, killing enemies, grabbing the cash, etc.

Buy MenuEdit

The Buy Menu is where players can purchase weapons and other equipment.


  • This mode seems to be inspired by other games. Most notably, Counter Strike and Rainbow Six: Siege.
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