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"This island is a place rich with the history of dead gods. It's theirs now, their tomb."
Peter Straub

Heligoland, also known as Helgoland is a small German archipelago in the North Sea. It is featured in the Nazi Zombies map "The Darkest Shore". The island functioned as a sea fortress during World War II and was often bombed by the Allied Powers throughout the war.

Call of Duty: WWII[edit | edit source]

Several days after the events in Mittelburg, Bavaria, Doctor Peter Straub escaped from the town and traveled to the North Sea, ending up in Heligoland. Hank Rideau's team chased Straub to the island with the U.S. Army Rangers and landed alone. They discovered a sacrifice ritual for the local goddess, Nerthus and retrieved the pommel of Frederick Barbarossa's sword. After the team destroyed the German warships, the island was heavily bombed by the Royal Air Force to ensure that no Zombies would ever escape.

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