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For a similar killstreak, see Helo Scout.

The Helo Pilot is a 12-point streak featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Obtaining this pointstreak allows players to pilot a Eurocopter EC-635 helicopter armed with miniguns and fly around the map, similar to the Gunship 11 killstreak from Call of Duty: Black Ops. The Helo pilot can also release flares manually to counter locked on rockets/missiles. Unlike the gunship from Black Ops, the player cannot target enemies exactly below it, and the weapons fire rate and damage is lower. It also moves slowly, allowing enemies to potentially run to cover before getting the kill. 

Two Helo pilots can be called at once, either friendly or enemy and as such, friendly helo pilots can destroy enemy helo pilots which is dependent by the player paying attention towards the opposing helo pilot. 

The Helo Pilot has three main actions, including the flares. The Fire Button shoots the Nose Mounted Cannon, Tactical Grenade launches Flares and ADS button zooms in.



  • The Helo Pilot appears to be able to shoot through walls.
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