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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts


For a similar killstreak, see Helo Scout.

The Helo Pilot is a 12-point streak featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Obtaining this pointstreak allows players to pilot a Eurocopter EC-635 helicopter armed with miniguns and fly around the map, similar to the Gunship 11 killstreak from Call of Duty: Black Ops. The Helo pilot can also release flares manually to counter locked on rockets/missiles. Unlike the gunship from Black Ops, the player cannot target enemies exactly below it, and the weapons fire rate and damage is lower. It also moves slowly, allowing enemies to potentially run to cover before getting the kill. Enemies are also outlined in orange, even through walls.

Two Helo pilots can be called at once, either friendly or enemy and as such, friendly helo pilots can destroy enemy helo pilots which is dependent by the player paying attention towards the opposing helo pilot. 

The Helo Pilot has three main actions, including the flares. The Fire Button shoots the Nose Mounted Cannon, Tactical Grenade launches Flares and ADS button zooms in.

The Helo Pilot often has a problem with angle of attack, as the user's aim will often be too high to their intended target, and the user will not be capable of further adjusting their aim downwards. In these situations, flying forward with the Helo Pilot will angle the entire aircraft downwards and adjust the user's aim downward. The opposite can be done should the user's aim be too low, although said situations are far less common.

Not only is the Helo Pilot extremely deadly under the right circumstances, but even in less useful situations, its ability to see nearly all enemies through walls makes the Helo Pilot a very useful scouting tool that the user can intelligently take advantage of to keep teammates informed of enemy positions and movements, which can be particularly useful should enemies be in positions beyond the Helo Pilot's reach, as the Helo Pilot often prompts players to seek shelter.

Unlike other aircraft in Multiplayer, the Helo Pilot's ability to deploy flares allows an attentive user to save themselves from Air Superiority or a MAAWS missile. The Helo Pilot's smaller profile also makes it a harder target to hit for enemies resorting to small arms fire to shoot down the aircraft, which is a common anti-air tactic in Multiplayer.



  • The Helo Pilot appears to be able to shoot through walls.