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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts

For a similar killstreak, see Helo Pilot.

The Helo Scout (formerly called Heli Sniper), is a 13-point streak featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. When activated, the player spawns into a helicopter, armed with a Lynx. The rifle only holds four rounds per magazine, but is much more powerful than the regular Lynx. The player can control the movement of the helicopter while providing sniper fire from above, and can also use their equipment. The player also gains a Ballistic Vest while in the helicopter. However, the player is still vulnerable to ground fire and killstreaks and can be killed normally if shot too much. The player can exit the helicopter by either holding the reload button, or once the killstreak expires. When exiting, the helicopter will hover close to the ground and drop off the player with whatever loadout they had when activating the pointstreak.

If the player is using any of the Juggernaut armor when activating the Helo Scout, they retain it while in the helicopter. This makes the player much harder to kill with small arms fire from the ground. One easy method is to use Juggernaut Recon along with Helo Scout, since it is just one point higher.



  • This pointstreak has previously been called the Heli Sniper until at the Gamescom 2013 interview.[1]
    • It also used to be referred to as "Heli-Sniper" in a loading screen info.
  • The Air Superiority pointstreak has a strange quirk: instead of destroying the helicopter, it kills the sniper and the helicopter flies away shortly after.
  • If the player is holding a Field Order and killed while in the sky, the briefcase will be stuck in the air until it expires and despawns.
  • In Drop Zone, the player can hover above the zone and hold it for the team, as if they were on the ground.