For the Call of Duty: World at War character, see Henderson (World at War).
"Let's go get the bastards!"
— Henderson

Henderson is a character that appears in Call of Duty 2.


Private First Class Henderson is a private in Dog Company, part of the American 2nd Ranger Battalion who fought in World War II.

Henderson is seen on the mission "Rangers Lead the Way". When Sgt. Randall asked Lt. Myers for orders, Myers told him to "Shut up!", and "I need to think about this". Henderson took the initiative and started a charge toward Hill 400 by saying "Let's go get the bastards!". Henderson and a few others made it up to the first bunker.


  • Henderson's yell "Let's go get the bastards" is also heard in Pointe Du Hoc when the player climbs to the top of the cliff. A group of Rangers advance with it, similar to when Henderson later says it.
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