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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Vanguard

"Today, we march to the gates of Hell! To defend England; to defend liberty; to defend our very way of life, no matter the cost! Blood will be spilled this day..."
— Henry Hamms's speech in The Battle of El Alamein

Major Henry Hamms is a character featured in Call of Duty: Vanguard.


Hamms was initially seen in Tobruk. After the Rats planted explosives, they were playing cards when the official scolded them for not readying the ambush. When Lucas Riggs readies the detonator, he took it from him. Despite the rat's suggestion, he detonated the explosives prematurely. He then blamed Lucas for the debacle. He then commands his forces to fight the German survivors, then tasked his group to secure the area.

The next day, he approached Lucas Riggs, "Des" Wilmot, and Jacobs. He ordered the MPs with him to arrest the Rats for insubordination, despite their success of destroying a German base, and uncovering any new Intel.

Years later, he led an attack in El Alamein. That attack was ambushed, and it took Lucas and Des and their efforts to regroup and save the column. He commanded his forces to hold the line, which the duo disobeyed.

After the battle, he grabbed out the Australian flag the soldiers tried to raise on the mountain to honor their fallen and demanded to replace it with a British flag instead. Enraged at Hamms's disrespect toward the fallen non-British soldiers, Lucas punches him square in his face, which leads to the Rat's arrest. He is later carried away by his soldiers.

Hamms is briefly mentioned by Lucas while he is in his cell talking to Carver Butcher, being under the impression that Hamms sent Butcher to execute him early because he could not wait for his court martial.


Henry Hamms was the stereotype British officer, looking down on his non-English British soldiers, and had a superiority complex. He also seen as bumbling and prideful, he cannot accept any criticism, and hated soldiers who disregard his commands.