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High Priest of Chaos
HighPriest Head Zombies BO4
Alias(es) "Golden, sadistic son of a bitch" (by Scarlett)

"Masked Man" (by Bruno)
"Man in the Mask" (by Shaw)

Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Zombies 2 (comic)

Rank High Priest


Affiliations The Order
Nationality Vexilloid of the Roman Empire Roman
Status Alive
Birth Sometime before 500 B.C.
Sex Male
Marks Prima Materia scar on left eye
Hair Bald
Eyes Blue (right)

Black (left)

Race Caucasian
Equipment Scepter of Ra
Timeline Chaos Story
Voice Actor Fred Tatasciore
Level Voyage of Despair (phonographs, announcer)

Dead of the Night (announcer)
Ancient Evil (announcer)

The High Priest of Chaos is the primary antagonist of the Chaos story in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies.

He is the leader and possible founder of the ancient religious organization called "The Order".

His goal is to to access the Library of the Nine, and harness the power of Prima Materia

At some point, he died and was resurrected using the Scepter of Ra, as all members of The Order have. 



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